We do our best to keep the household in a good shape, clean and tidy as much as possible. This comes with hard work and endless hours of scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting and removing stains. In order to save some of our free time we use harsh cleaning products. It is true things get done twice faster, but is it worth the danger we put ourselves in? Do you know why those detergents work so fast and why you have to use protective gloves and mask?

What’s Wrong With Commercial Cleaners?

Turn the bottle of your most effective cleaner and read the label, how many dangerous ingredients does it include? Does it say keep out of children reach or keep away form pets? If a product is not safe for the children how can it possibly be safe for you? Of course you won’t be able to feel the toxins influencing your body, for some years but the damage will be there. Not to mention what those chemicals can do for the youngsters. Even the carpet cleaning company I use in South Woodford works only with eco-friendly detergents because they are well aware of the dangerous compounds in some cleaning products.

Why Green Cleaning Is Better

I won’t scare you with a list of the toxic chemicals and the result of being exposed to them, but believe me when I say you don’t want them in your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the air quality in our homes can be a hundred times more polluted than the outdoor air in the biggest and industrialised ones. I’ll give you a few moments to get used to the thought your home is probably the same.

Your next question is probably the most reasonable – what makes it that way? The answer is very simple and frightening – cleaning products. More specifically the volatile organic compounds which evaporate form the detergents. The problem is once they soak into the carpets and upholstery there is no way you’ll ever get them out. Your home will have that distinctive smell of bleach, ammonia and whatever else there is in the composition of the cleaning product.

Even if you open the windows and wear protective gloves and mask there is no guarantee you’ll be safe. Another reason why you should choose Eco-friendly cleaners is because they’re safe to the environment and they save you money in the long term. Most commercial cleaners petroleum-based and when we rinse them the dirty and now toxic water goes somewhere in nature killing everything in its way. Another thing you should ask yourself is why does everything have to be like in a hospital?

You can’t clean the house, making it a hundred percent bacteria free so deal with it. Even hospitals are not perfectly clean, germs are everywhere and they can’t harm you as much as the toxic chemicals. If this article didn’t convince you I don’t know what will. Next time you book the professional cleaning company ask them why they use green detergents.