Why Free-Bleeding is an Essential part of Feminism

There are so many reasons why free-bleeding has become an important topic in the realm of feminist issues. Free-bleeding is a way to spread awareness to important feminist issues. Many women have chosen to bleed freely because they want to spread awareness to women who cannot afford to pay for their own feminine hygiene products, like homeless women and impoverished women all around the world. It’s an in-your-face statement that gets people talking about this taboo subject.

Women are awesome. We can survive for a week while bleeding, something that men can only ponder about. We endure varying levels of discomfort and pain. We can do anything, and that includes free-bleeding.

I encourage women to free-bleed for reasons other than awareness about the lack of man-made feminine hygiene products however. I suggest we do away with it all together. That includes those fancy absorbent underwear. Consider this tweet:

We cannot escape rape or patriarchy no matter what we do, even if we try to control our period flow. Why do we do this, really? It’s a natural part of the female human experience and we have to do everything to cover it up so that men don’t get uncomfortable. If you don’t think I’m right, try saying the word “period” to a man and see how fast he shrivels up. Tampons which we must insert into our bodies and uncomfortable pads are just another form of oppression. They are another way to silence us and hide something that is naturally woman-our periods.

I suggest you give your coworkers and everyone around you a big ol “F you” and just bleed. Wear some comfortable clothes and just let it go. It’s natural. It’s like sweat. It just happens. No one runs over to a sweaty man and tells him to take care of that and tells him it’s an offensive sight. Why should we have to hide a process that our bodies naturally do? Screw men, screw their discomfort. Let’s start getting some acceptance for being women. Let’s stop letting them define our body’s natural behavior as “gross” or “disgusting” or “unhygienic” when in fact it’s a very hygienic process, it’s literally cleaning us out.

Take a stand, be bold, be brave, bleed naturally and freely.

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