#WhiteAintWoke (Fake White Allies)

    The sad truth is that it’s mostly young white kids who are promoting the social justice movement. They are at the front lines, when they need to stand in the back. They are speaking from megaphones on behalf of PoC when they should be offering them a platform. They attend marches to take selfies and post them all over social media to show the world how woke they are. Many white allies are just stroking their own ego. They do it for themselves, to make themselves feel more intelligent and superior than their fellow whites. They often lack any real talent of their own so they use the social justice movement to make themselves feel special. They supporting us only because it’s trendy. These are not the type of people we want on our side.

If you call out a white ‘intresectional feminist’ on Twitter, they’ll either ignore you or play the victim, when they should apologize and correct themselves. They are interested in educating others, but not themselves. Their ally-ship is superficial. They think that because they’re allies, the rules don’t apply to them. Because they are white, they still benefit from this system, they are still our oppressors. Yet they’re are still trying to take control of our movement? They appropriate #BlackLivesMatter hashtags, the terms ‘woke’ and ‘yaass slay’.  It’s similar how corporations use rainbow packaging and marketing to see their products. Do they give their money to the causes they claim to support? No, they keep it for themselves.

They make a spectacle out of out of black death via police brutality under the disguise of spreading awareness, but all they really want is retweets and social media attention. White allies appropriate and fetishize the grief and anger of PoC. They love portraying PoC and other minority groups as victims and themselves as saviors. They take up space in a conversation that is meant for people of color. White allies frustrate me even more than ignorant white folks- because they claim to know better.

It’s time for us to rise up and tell our allies to shut the fuck up. They are behaving like untrained dogs and it’s time we put them in their place. If their intention is to truly fight the patriarchal system, they need to listen. We need to hold them accountable. They think we need them, that we’re desperate for them. We can use them, but only if they’re willing to work with us. We need them to put their money where their mouths are, literally. Any white person claiming to be an ally should be paying reparations. (http://www.reparations.me/) They have benefited from white supremacy their entire lives! They can also help by creating human shields to protect us during police brutally and white supremacy marches. White allies need to step back and make room for PoC at universities and high paying careers. Being an ally shouldn’t be a glamorous job, but a dirty one. We need accomplices not allies. They don’t seem to understand that we’re trying to dismantle the very same system that places them upon a pedestal and helps them succeed. If they’re not willing to give up resources and opportunities for us, they’re not really on our side?

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