Who says a party must always have one specific venue? We all do. Most of us, if not all, celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries, victories, graduations, etc. in one place where people can simply dine, talk and go home after. A party is a gathering aimed to celebrate something, but it’s not required to happen in just one location. We dress up, go to posh venues, dine, talk, listen to speeches, dance a bit, and then what? We just go home and forget about it. We tend to stick with the conventional, not really exploring the more amusing, phenomenal and memorable things we can do with parties.

Mobile Birthday Party

Here’s an idea that can bring your party hosting to a whole new level. Think of spending a special day with your family and friends in different places where fun is evident and contagious. No, you need not spend for expensive airfare tickets. Simply hop on a van or a bus and visit entertainment places near you. Go out from your usual “comfort party zone” and explore a different kind of fun hopping to and fro your favourite theme parks, restaurants, museums, galleries, beaches, etc. Party wherever you want to in a day!

Get on the road, and spend your special day out mobile partying! Here are a few tips to help you how:

Know your interests

Hello, it’s your party! And there’s no other person or group of people to whom the celebration is dedicated for. Feel free to pattern the theme or activities of your mobile party according to your interests. Do you love watching dolphin exhibitions in a nearby water park or would you prefer visiting theme parks and enjoy fun rides? Stop worrying what your guests would like or not like. The party is for you, remember? Take it from there.

Plan your activities and itinerary

After sorting out your interests and deciding where you want to go and what you want to do on your special day, proceed to planning, especially your itinerary. As you must already know, a party unplanned might end up as a disaster rather than a festivity. So please, do not take it too easy and go on without planning. Especially now that you’re taking the step of doing away with conventional parties and go theme park hopping or restaurant hopping, a good itinerary is needed so you won’t have to deal with broken schedules, insufficient funds and a dissatisfied self.

Have a sufficient budget ready

Months or weeks ahead, you must have already estimated your capacity to spend for the mobile party you want. Also remember that real fun is not expensive if you know how to find alternative ways. You need not impress your guests with expensive cuisine and luxurious giveaways. Just purchase a few simple but awesome party supplies online to avoid too much hassle. Your guests are there to celebrate and have fun with you on your special day, not to have fun for themselves. Also, make sure you have extra cash for incidental expenses that may arise.

Make a guest list

Unless you want to see hungry and tired faces on your party, list the number of guests you want to invite according to your prepared budget. Make sure they don’t hitch in many extras. They will definitely understand that you’re on a budget and to be able to hold a good party, you have to stick with what you can afford. Making a guest list also helps you to, at least, suit your activities according to your guests’ individual limitations and consider some options.

Ensure a good transportation

It’s a burden to go hopping from one place to another if you have to commute, especially if you’re with a big group. It is best to rent a big car or a bus to be able to accommodate your guests for the short but segmented travel. Riding together also means not having to wait for people who might arrive late at a certain place. It would as well do you good to hire a good driver who can focus well on the road. Having one ride for the whole group is also a great opportunity for you to hold simple group games that make the travel livelier.

Secure the food

Parties just can’t happen without food. Either you bring in packed food or stop in a good restaurant for an hour or two. You can bring boxes of cakes, pastries, chips and some drinks so you’ll have food on the go, as you transfer to different places. Make sure to store food in a place where it can stay fresh and secured.

Safety first

Wherever you go and whatever you do during your mobile party, always think of the whole group’s safety. Anything can happen along the way. Try to stay out of trouble and as much as possible, make sure your activities and the places you visit are safe. Aside from bringing cool birthday party supplies, also bring first-aid kits or have your emergency devices and contact numbers ready in case unfortunate circumstances occur along the road.

Stick with the schedule

Make sure you follow the time you have allotted for each place you will visit so you won’t have difficulty keeping up. Rushing can cause hassle and might even lead to unpleasant accidents. Remind your guests to be very mindful with the schedule. Orient them about your itinerary so they’ll know what to expect and do.

Make sure you enjoy

Again, again, this is your party so make sure you enjoy yourself. Do not worry too much. Do not prepare everything, unless you want to end up alone in the buss snoring while your guests are out enjoying rides at your favourite theme park. Make sure you have people who will take charge on the food, games, and handle some fancy party accessories you have readied for your guests. With less worries and more fun, you will surely have a blast at your awesome mobile party!

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By Debra Wright

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