At my old job we’d always have some little goodies to give away to our customers. They ranged from pens to engraved key chains, flashlights to golf balls.

Giving away little gifts or tokens of appreciation is a great way to win our customers over and to get them coming back again and again. So many have commented on how great the pens are and how they use them everywhere. This was a great way for the company to gain some easy marketing and brand awareness. All because we got some good quality pens embroidered with our logo. Who would have known?

This is a great low cost way of marketing your business, especially if you are new and on a limited marketing budget.

Where To Get Custom Embroidery Done In Victoria BC

My personal favorite is the key chains however. Why? Because everyone has a car and needs a key chain. You can bet that almost every time some goes to grab their keys or starts their car, they’ll see and remember your logo. Talk about great brand awareness.

But last year they wanted to do something bigger. Key chains, pens and flashlights are fine.

We sold electrical goods and our market was contractors. So we started to look closely at what could a contractor use that we could provide them with. Obviously it was going to be something that would have our logo. The first thing that popped into my head was a hard hat. All contractors need a hardhat when doing work. I thought this was a great idea but it was pointed out that they only wear hardhats on the job site.

We wanted something they would take outside of work like a pen or key chain. In keeping with the head, I then thought of a baseball hat. Every contractor wore a baseball hat. Most of them were dirty and very old.  My boss loved the idea and I was to go ahead and find a Victoria custom embroidery company to do this for us.

There were a few options but I choose Pewter Graphics for a few reasons. The first was that their charges for re-orders were very low. The other companies wanted a lot of re-orders. Since I figured we’d be re-ordering more hats, this was a big reason why we choose Pewter Graphics. The next reason was because they were close to our warehouse. This meant quick and easy delivery. It would have been easy and cheaper for us to shop online but we wanted a local company.