A personal injury lawyer provides legal representation and helps people receive just compensation for the injuries caused to them as a result of their sheer negligence or carelessness in the event of an accident by another individual, entity or organisation.

Personal injury lawyers help people receive compensation for their losses including loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of companionship, attorney fees and any other expense incurred due to the mistake of another.

Personal injury lawyers also protect plaintiffs from insurance companies and the legal system by providing a proper legal representation to the injured. Mostly people think of hiring a personal injury lawyer after they’ve been through an accident. Injury caused because of a car or bike crash, slip and fall or any other type of mishap are all covered under the tort law, the law personal injury lawyers specialize in.

You should not consider going through the process of hiring a personal injury lawyer and spending on attorney fees if the injury caused is minimal or if you have ample time to work on the legal and insurance claims on your own. But if the injuries sustained by you are due to the negligence of others, incur any kind of medical bills, last a few days or hampers your ability to perform at your job, you must definitely consider hiring a personal injury lawyer that will handle your case from inception to its appeal that’ll legally fight on your behalf in the court of law for a just compensation.

Below are some of the other cases when you should definitely hire a personal injury lawyer –

Is your insurance company offering an unreasonably low amount?

Disputes with insurance companies usually arise in the cases of accidents. They sometimes use dirty tactics to prevent the claims of injured people. Some of the tactics insurance companies use occasionally are unreasonable delays to process the claims, refusing to pay altogether even though your liability is not in dispute and/or offering a unreasonably low amount despite your extensive injuries. A good personal injury lawyer puts a certain end to these dirty tactics and fetches you an offer you rightfully deserve.

Can you handle the legal settlement process?

While some cases may be easy, most of the cases that come under the umbrella of tort law requires a lot of paperwork and are very complex. For example, even for an accident occurring at 5 MPH that have caused enough damages may require accident reconstruction and witness interviews to appropriately compliment your claim. Also, good negotiation skills are also required to turn the case in your favour. If you are not comfortable doing any of the above, the best option for you would be to consider hiring a professional personal injury lawyer who is well versed with handling such cases. An able attorney will be able to handle all the necessary paperwork, raise concrete evidence and at the same time negotiate to help you recieve the best compensation, both monetary and intangible.

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