Electronic cigarettes have become very popular nowadays ever since they were introduced by the Chinese. People say that there are several benefits of the e cigarette. You can control the nicotine level that you will use for your chosen degree of high. You can also get to choose the flavor unlike those of the regular ones that are limited to only tobacco and menthol. A lot of other rumors exist ever since the rising fame and production count of these electronic cigarettes. You’re probably curious if they’re true, which makes you just want to buy them even more.

Before you go on and huff and puff the vapor, the first thing you need to do is to, of course, buy one for yourself. You shouldn’t really go around borrowing the e-cig of your friends. It would seem rude and people may think lowly of you. Plus, when you’re at home, you would want to have a taste of the nicotine. However the story goes, you’re going to end up buying your own e-cig.

Buying one yourself won’t be of any trouble, but you need to make sure you know what to buy. You don’t just buy only the cigarette itself; you need to buy the starter kit you’re going to need to have a happy high. There are a few things inside the starter kit. Listed below are what they are.

The Rechargeable Batteries

This is probably the most important item you’re going to have in the cigarette starter kit. Since the e-cigarette runs on a lithium battery, unlike the conventio0nal ones that is powered by a flame, you need to charge it. Normally, t the first purchase, there isn’t any charge. If you’re lucky enough, you might just get one fully charged and ready to use. However, commonly, they come in with the battery at a zero.

The rechargeable batteries come in twos. The good ones have a great design and the perfect weight to complement it. There will also be a light that’ll glow once you’re using it. The batteries normally last long as a bonus.

The Flavor Cartridges

The cigarette starter kit also contains the flavor cartridge. This will be filled with the flavor as you have been given t purchase.

Normally, as a starter pack, you only get tobacco and menthol flavors, but upon further purchase, you can get whichever would be your favorite. It will be difficult to choose which flavor to stick to since they are a lot, but you’ll decide well soon.

USB Stick Charger

What’s a battery without the charger?

The charger in the E Cigarette Starter Kit is just like an ordinary USB. All you need to do is to stick the charger into a friendly USB port and let the charging commence.

The Carry Case

The e cigarette starter kit also comes with a carry case. Of course, since e-cigarettes are allowed in a lot of places, it’s a good thing that there’s a carry case to help you bring all the materials you need to relax and do the vaping wherever you may wish.