The truth is, more than half of the tweets, posts and updates we get from companies are nothing more than a waste of screen real estate. Business owners who, although they are doing their best, are not able to produce SEO campaigns that can open new revenue streams nor ever ROI (return of investment) pushes them forward.

As sad as that sound, that’s not even the worst part of it. Because we’re mostly talking about small business owners here (where they are the inventor and head of R&D of their company), their most valuable resource is wasted by them being caught up with the social media boom. This valuable resource, which they have no right to waste, is their time.

Search engine optimization is a difficult beast to tame. I personally, upon switching to a full time SEO related career, didn’t develop the right skills that can get me decent income until after a year. Small business owners do not have the luxury of having this much time to invest in learning how to be effective in optimizing their resources against search engine algorithms. Rather than going along with the pursuit of producing their product or service better, they put up with research, engagement and experimentation on internet marketing instead.Often, it’s too late until they realize they should have stayed where they are good at and how they were able to start a company in the first place.

What Is The Importance Of SEO For Your Business?

So before you go all out on Phoenix SEO, ask these questions first to lessen the time you’ll have to spend to get a competent SEO specialist yourself.

Should I Be Doing This Myself?

The first question you have to ask is whether if you’ll take care of this or it’s more economical to get an SEO consultant instead. As we’ve said, for most people, SEO is more of a distraction rather than being helpful. If you’re thinking penny pinching as a major reason on why you’re doing it yourself, think again, your time is often better served at improving your product or services.

Who Is My Target Audience?

Finding out whom your target audience is the first step of leveraging a business through SEO. You have to know everything there is to learn about the specific demographics that you want to sell to. Once you get to know them, you have to decide whether you’re the best man for the job of talking and communicating with them for most of the day.

What Is Your Purpose Of Engagement?Other than the typical “make more sales”, plenty of other reasons exist why a company seeks web presence. The answer includes:

  • More accessible customer service
  • Improve overall brand perception
  • Making way for expansion

After choosing which ones you’d like to focus on, generate the list of activities required to fulfill your purpose and determine if you can stand withstand doing them for most of your day.

How Do I Measure This?

Small business owners tend to forget this important step. If you’re thinking SEO analytic tools are expensive and are reserved for large businesses, think again. You’ll be surprised how many free online tools are up for grabs.

Author Bio:

Sunny Popali is SEO Director at Tempo Creative is an Arizona Inbound Marketing firm that has served over 700 clients since 2001. Tempo’s team specializes in digital and “inbound marketing agency” including web design, SEO, social media and strategy.