Internal Medicine is a branch of medicals where the prevention, diagnosis and treatment and cure of adult diseases. Likewise, doctors of internal medicines are an internist. They are Doctor’s Doctor and are consulted by other doctors and physicians. They are very dexterously skilled in providing care to the needy people and the overall management of patients. Let’s figure out what internists in 10021 say about hypertension.

What Internists In 10021 Say About Hypertension?

Why is it Termed as an Irregularity?

  • Chronic Medical Condition:

Hypertension (HTN) or High Blood Pressure as it is commonly referred is a serious medical condition. In this type of medical condition, the systematic arterial blood pressure is increased. It’s the opposite of hypotension.

  • It is Classified:

It’s classified as Primary (essential) and Secondary. As high as 90-95% of cases come under the purview of primary hypertension for which no medical cause is found. Remaining 5-10% comes under secondary hypertension which is caused by reasons affecting the kidneys, arteries, heart and endocrine system.

  • Persistent Hypertension is Dangerous:

Persistent Hypertension is a very big risk factor for strokes, cardiac arrests, heart failure and arterial malfunctions and disorders and is one of the biggest reasons for chronic kidney failure.

  • Moderate Elevation Leads to a Short Life:

Moderate increase of arterial blood pressure leads to a short life span and is responsible for shorter and decreased life expectancy.

What can Bring About a Healthy Change?

  • Dietary and Lifestyle Changes:

The most important thing to take care of is one diet and a change in lifestyle which entails that every routine is followed to the core be it, eating a healthy and balanced diet or exercising regularly. One should cut down on one’s fatty intake and food very high on cholesterol and carbohydrates.

Instead, one should adopt a healthy eating habit comprising of vitamins, minerals, roughage and fiber and the most important calcium and protein but from the intake of natural products and nothing superficial or superfluous. Dietary and lifestyle changes go a long way in improving blood pressure control and decreasing the risk factor associated with irregularities of health related troubles and vicissitudes.

  • When is Drug Treatment Necessary?

Drug treatment proves a necessary recourse in patients, where lifestyle changes have shown no or negligible improvement. In such cases, a necessary prescribed and strictly followed drug treatment is necessary and the best path taken.

  • Lowering Blood Pressure can really Help?

Yes, as the internists in 10021 say about hypertension. Staying alert, being calm and following the correct lifestyle is really important and healthy to abstain and refrain from hyper tension and other related malfunctions and diseases. In fact hypertensive patients should lower their blood pressure (BP). Systolic blood pressure (SBP) has been identified as one of the major reasons behind hypertension. Visit Internist in 10021 Manhattan today (or) get an appointment here –, who can really provide some much needed information about the right cure and treatment for hypertension.