Is one college education better than another? Of course. But, what if two job candidates were being interviewed that had the same degree? What factors would the employer look into to determine which candidate would be the better choice? There are factors that determine the value of your college education. In other words, in a tough economy, it’s not enough to have an education. You need to have the right education.

Academic Performance

It’s not enough to have a degree. Businesses are most interested in students that were strongly committed to their coursework and made good grades. Graduating within the top 10% of your class can make a huge difference to an employer. It can also play a big role on the type of salary you can expect to earn. If you’re still in college, it’s important to work hard. Barely getting by is not enough and will be a turn off to employers. If you’re doing poorly in some classes, get tutoring to improve your grades.


Majors are also very important. The type of major that is important to the employers in your area will depend on supply and demand. For example, if you live in an area that has mostly factories, a degree in engineering would be more valuable than a degree in culinary arts. Consider the area you want to settle down in and which jobs are most needed. If you want to be successful, you need to choose a degree for a career that will make you happy and is in high demand.

Reputation of the College

If an employer has never heard of the college you attended, he may dismiss your resume. Employees who attended top colleges earn 20% more than employees that attended lower ranking colleges. If you haven’t applied to college, carefully consider your options before making a decision. You may have to wait to get into your desired program of study, but it will be well worth it.

Obtaining a degree isn’t as straight forward as you may have thought and yo have a lot more to consider than tuition, room and board, and the cost of texts at SlugBooks. The value of a degree depends on a number of factors including academic performance, major, and the reputation of the college from which the degree was earned. In other words, you need to seek out a highly ranked college as well as a major that is in high demand in your area. You also need to work hard to make the best grades so that potential employers see your commitment and intelligence. These factors can increase your ability to land a job and a bigger salary.