A resin bound surface is not difficult to identify, as it is easy to recognise due to its beautiful and exclusive appearance. Pleasant to look at and highly durable, resin driveways Chelmsford are a wise choice if you want to improve the appeal of your house or office, without having to spend a lot of money. If you are looking for reasons why resin is a recommended choice for your driveway, then here are the main benefits this material has to offer.

  • Cost effective : Resin is a material which is possible to apply over an already present tarmac drive. This is a prime feature making resin driveways highly cost effective, as you do not have to remove the existing surface and start again. So, if you are looking to replace the old driveway of your home but are apprehensive because of the cost involved, then resin is a great option.
  • Long lasting : A driveway bound with resin is highly strong and this is because four layers of the material are place and the top layer gets covered with aggregate material in order to give it some flexibility. This is the reason which makes the surface crack resistant, enabling the driveway to bear extreme temperatures and heavy traffic, without requiring repair or replacement constantly.

Understanding The Benefits Of Resin Driveways Chelmsford

  • Good absorbent : Water collecting in puddles is a common issue bothering homeowners and this happens due to the non-porous material used. As the water does not get absorbed, it results in puddles. However, this is not the case when you opt for resin driveways Chelmsford. Being a good absorbent and fully porous, it does not let the water collect on the surface and does not restrict tree growth.
  • Customisable : Resin is a great option for this willing to give a custom appearance to their driveways. An amazing range of styles and colours are available for resin driveways, ranging from striking to neutral, along with varied finish options. By making use of multi-coloured styles and unique edges, you can come up with unique and interesting designs and enhance the curb appeal of your beautiful house.
  • Environment friendly : Common driveway materials, such as concrete, are responsible for carbon dioxide emission during its production and installation. On the other hand, resin driveways are renowned to be environment friendly as this material does not cause any hindrance in water cycle. Besides this less amount of heat is trapped and not much water is required during installation process as well.
  • Secure : The safety of dwellers should be an important consideration when choosing driveway material and resin fulfils this need suitably. A resin bound surface is sure to be flat and smooth, making it accessible for wheelchair. It also has anti-slip feature, which means children and elderly people can use it without any worry.

The above mentioned benefits make it clear that resin driveways Chelmsford are ideal for your home, being a cost effective, easily customisable and long lasting option. Not only for driveways, but resin can also prove to be a great choice for creating footpaths, playgrounds and patios, adding a wonderful charm and appeal to your property.