America is in a good spot when it comes to jobs, houses and salaries. Despite that, 60% of Americans need more money, according to a study by jobsite Indeed, with an average figure of $6,000 mooted. This isn’t necessarily straightforward, with working hours and time on the squeeze.

For the working American, the home can be a great source of income. The average US home is worth $188,990 according to HuffPo, and that’s before considering remodels and improvements. There are a few key ways that you can adjust your homelife to free up cash and enjoy your lifestyle.

Releasing home equity

The most straightforward way to get cash out of your home, and without selling it altogether (though downsizing is an excellent way, if appropriate) is through releasing equity. This is typically better for those in inherited houses, or older homeowners with a paid-off mortgage. Homeowners over a certain age can benefit from their home value using mechanisms such as the reverse mortgage, in which equity is released through monthly payments. Alternatively, homeowners can borrow against their equity. CNBC have noted that home equity is at an all-time high and it’s ripe for spending – take a look at your equity situation and consider whether leveraged credit might be the route for you.

Opening a lodging

While it’s a great market for homeowners, the same can’t be said for renters. According to Zillow, rent continues to rise, and now the average monthly rent cost is $1,400 – nearly a third of the average salary, $3,500. Lodging is usually a much cheaper proposition for renters and so there’s a sizeable market. Having a lodger requires a lifestyle shift as you interact with a new person in the home. This can be an opportunity to make new friends, release income via your house and

Turn it into a BNB

There is a long tradition of people using their houses as short-stay homes by offering a BNB service. This took a jump with the internet age when the website CouchSurf came around, and its ultimate successor, the behemoth AirBnB. There are over 660,000 listings in the US now, showing that the market is there to be used. Unlike a lodging, where the person is often left to their own devices, with an AirBnB you can assert your level of involvement – whether that be just letting your home out during vacations, or becoming actively involved with your visitors, such as preparing food or engaging in activities. Whichever way you choose, those who let their homes out in this fashion can expect to earn up to $20,619 every year, a very decent sum.

Your home is a great source of wealth. That money you put in to get it is not locked in forever, and whether you’re in the process of paying a mortgage or not, there’s numerous opportunities to make money from it. Grab the lifestyle you want, and fund it with your brick and mortar.