Trump Initiates Gay Holocaust

Months before Auschwitz began the industrial extermination of hundreds of millions of Jews, Adolf Hitler banned Jewish people from serving in the German military. Today, Trump followed in his fuhrer’s footsteps.

I am appalled. Absolutely shaken. I have been on the phone with my trans friends all morning, crying and praying with them. Many fear for their lives. As the worship leader for a women’s Christian group at my college, it is my duty to reassure my femme friends that we will all be okay, that God is with us. But I fear that God has forsaken us, just as we forsook our Muslim, black, immigrant, and LGBTQ+ neighbors. There is no turning back from the absolute terror that has begun to take hold of our nation. The President of the United States, elected by the aristocratic Electoral College, has just begun denying trans people the right to serve in the military.

Make no mistake. This is only the beginning of the new systemic oppression of transgender people. Denying them the right to serve in the military is the first step in the Trump Administration’s attempt to dehumanize and marginalize a historically oppressed people group. Soon, he will require them to wear marks of identification, he will not allow them to testify in court, and will condone violence against them and their families. Just like Hitler, Trump’s final solution to what he sees as the trans question, will be the full and systemic elimination of all LGBT people.

Readers, if you have not been active in #theresistance, I have only one question left for you: when will you say “enough!”? When will you be willing to fight for the rights of people of color, Muslims, trans folks, and immigrants? When will you abandon your position of comfort and privilege to become an ally for those who are being targeted by a government you enable?

Because I have one last warning for those who are not resisting Donald Trump: if you are not with us, you are with the oppressor. Your days of sitting on the fence are over. Donald Trump is hunting down trans folks. You no longer have a choice to remain silent.

Contact your trans loved ones. Apologize for allowing this insanity to go on. And most importantly, tell them that you will fight for them, no matter the cost. We are in the early stages of a new Holocaust. There is still time to stop it, before the damage is irreversible. Resist Donald Trump. RESIST DONALD TRUMP.


Nicole Valentine

Worship Leader for the Progressive Women's Christian Ministry at my college, intersectional feminist, dedicated to Jesus and the progressive movement as a whole! Also an advocate for AAPI rights as a woman of color! Jesus, women, and progress: basically my life! White men need not contact.