Alright, 2014 wasn’t the best year for tech, however it wasn’t an aggregate bust either. Wade through the excess of cleverly oversized telephones, small tablets and foods grown from the ground organization revives, and you’re sure to go over a couple of gleaming needles in that crummy sheaf. Here, in no specific request, are the Top Most used gadgets in US.

Samsung Galaxy S III 

It just took four years, however Android has at last figured out how to wind up usable for everybody and anybody. What’s more Samsung’s Galaxy S III was the runaway Android hit of the year—the stage’s first real “It” Phone.


As opposed to pursuing megapixels, Lytro centered on a generally obscure engineering with the possibility to change everything: light-field innovation. With a Lytro, you’ll never need to stress over centering, on the grounds that everything is in centering. It’s a long way from immaculate and “more novel than commonsense,” however its a standout amongst the most energizing things we’ve seen in quite a while.

Sony 4k TV

It would seem 3d wasn’t the following enormous thing in TV. Acclaim [insert deity]! So what’s next? Ultra HD—otherwise known as 4k. Also the TV without bounds is as of now here; it could be yours at the low, minimal effort of $25,000. Yes, that is a ton of cash, yet Sony’s putting forth truly is top rack. Luckily, there are as of now a few people making less expensive renditions.

15-inch Apple MacBook Pro with Retina 

High cost and all, Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina satisfied the buildup and demolished the opposition. Encased in a ultra-slim bundle with an all-glimmer building design and an absurdly high-res screen, this MBP reclassified what a desktop substitution smart phone ought to be.

Nike Fuel Band 

We still don’t recognize what goes into computing or aggregating Fuel focuses yet at no other time has a celebrated pedometer gotten such a variety of parts of the standard to grasp The Future. (What’s more there’s never been a finer approach to freely disgrace yourself than presenting your scores on Facebook.) Think of the squinting rainbow LED’s as your annoying noteworthy other reminding you to get up off your butt and hit your objective for the day.

Top Most Used Gadgets In US

Sony Rx100

Keep in mind Sony? Some of the time we disregard them, as well however not long from now. The Rx100 supplanted Canon’s rule as preeminent leader of the point & shoots with a pocket able Polaroid that opponents a few Dslrs.

Nexus 7 

Valued at $200, the Nexus 7 did what all other 7-inch tablets before it couldn’t do: It didn’t hold back on specs or feel like a $200 tablet. Whether you like Android is basically an individual inclination, yet this set another point of reference for innovative quality

Nikon D800

The D800 demonstrated to us what was conceivable with a full-outline sensor. It set new benchmarks for picture sensors—actually surpassing medium organization Polaroids taking picture quality and detail past what we’ve seen some time recently. The expansion of HD feature recording didn’t hurt either.

Nintendo Wii U 

The Wii U is the first new support in six years, and its comfort in-a-case, touch-screen controller will be a capable weapon in the cutting edge reassure wars. The first Wii made movement control gaming a genuine thing, and sold like nuts. We can’t even start to figure where Nintendo’s sixth reassure will go, yet at any rate now you don’t need to stop whatever you’re playing in the event that you require a potty break — simply bring the controller with you and continue keeping on.

Tired of the fair equipment running its product, Microsoft made it damn tablet, demonstrating the other PC producers what it anticipated from the new type of Windows machine. The inherent kick-stand and touch-empowered console blankets made it the greatest amazement of the year, yet sketchy estimating have soiled its dispatch. There’s likewise the inquiry of whether individuals need to utilize a tablet to make spreadsheets.

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