Are you concerned about your rising obesity and want to keep a check on your burgeoning weight? If yes, is your answer, then read the following article as it is going to give you an updated knowledge about the top 5 l health apps for your Smartphone. Now, getting on the right track is indeed a child’s play. Therefore, you have nothing to worry in the process. Great, isn’t it? As the recent study is to be believed, if you are using mobile app as a part of your weight loss program, then you are indeed going to loose as much as 15 pounds of weight without getting a chance to regain it as well. Great, isn’t it?


There is no dearth of health apps for Smart Phone in the market. Following are 5 of them as it is going to give you loads of reasons to enjoy to the fullest:-


The utility of the app lies towards the fact that it is able to give the best possible advice towards keeping you fit. The app lets users to start with the first stage, thereby as the stage progresses; they are able to enter the next level. Hence, they have to be at their best. Thus, it enhances their overall stamina as well.


As a runner if you want to keep a track of your running habits, then this app will work wonders for sure. RunKeeper stands out to be quite a useful apps since it is able to give you updated information about your jogs, cycling as well as runs. You can equally share it on social media site such as Facebook. Hence, you are able to get a great sense of your pace along with getting the through knowledge about your activities as well.


MapMyRun as the name suggests tracks your route by giving you an updated knowledge about the distance, elevation, calories along with the nutrition which you consume on daily basis. You can recollect the eatables which you had towards improving your health if you experience slight degradation.


Now, the food which you intake is going to give you the scores as well. Therefore, the app helps you towards choosing the food from the food diary as each and every single one of them has its own value.


Ever thought the barcode can be of any sort of assistance to you? Well, actually it does since Fooducate scans the barcode on the food products. Thus, it is able to keep a detailed check on your weight. The best thing which is worth mentioning here is that the app keeps a check on the nutritional quality of the food which is being bought. Now, you can be happy towards creating a list of the healthy grocery as well. Isn’t it?

Finally, aforesaid are the top 5 health apps for Smart Phone. They will assist you in making you proud of yourself for making the right decision at the right time.