We’ve all eaten things we probably shouldn’t have while driving. Who among us hasn’t dribbled bright red donut jelly all over ourselves while rushing back from a lunch break? Sometimes driving is the only time in our busy days we get to eat, and it is preferable to find something quick that keeps the mess in check.

While on the road, it is best to eat something compact and filling. A snack that can easily fit in one hand, and only requires you to move it to your mouth and chew (so you can focus on the road, of course). Here are a few items you can munch on and still keep one hand in the ten or two position.

Burrito or Wrap

A wrap or burrito is the first obvious answer. Wrapped in some form of tortilla, wraps and burritos are the perfect food for driving because they can be held in one hand and are essentially a full meal at one stop. Burritos and wraps can be eaten quickly and come in a variety of epic flavors, so you can have a breakfast burrito on the way to work and a carne asada burrito on the way home, all without ever leaving the comfort of your vehicle. Make sure the burrito or wrap is not overfilled with deliciousness and sauce to avoid a fiesta explosion in your car.

Cake Pops

Another candidate for best food to eat while driving would be cake pops. Whether you need one as a swift pick-me-up or need five pick-me-ups, these tiny balls of cake and frosting stuck to the end of a skewer will definitely get you by. These treats are perfect for consuming on the road; you can snack on them or eat them whole, and there is little trash to dispose of. . There are no CA traffic school rules against eating in the car, but there are against littering from a vehicle.

Granola Bars

One of my favorite – and easiest – things to eat, which makes them perfect for car rides: granola bars. Not only are they highly nutritious, but they stay together while eating (one of the most prevalent traits regarding car-friendly foods). Granola bars can be eaten whole if riding alone, or split amongst the passengers on a trip.

(Certain) Fruit

Another one of the easiest foods to eat while on the road is fruit. Now, don’t go buy a pineapple and try and eat it while merging on the highway. There are certain fruits that only need one hand to eat, like a banana or apple. Not only is it easy to eat, but the vitamins and nutrition the fruit provides will help you focus more on driving.

French Fries

French fries are a personal favorite of mine (are there people who do not like french fries?). French fries are essentially shaped to go straight into your mouth (one after another) while driving. They are warm when fresh, which keeps the driver alert, and makes the car smell delicious. While I think fries are one of the easiest foods to eat in the car, the only downside is months later when, after I finally get around to vacuuming under the seats and find a graveyard of old forgotten fries.

While driving, keep it simple and safe with your foods. While you satisfy your hunger, make sure you pay attention to the road, and if you need more tips and tricks, enlist in a CA Traffic School. If you find yourself in a hurry or must indulge in something messy, there is always the option to lay a towel over your lap for extra precaution.