Productivity is measured by comparing the amount of something produced against the time taken or the resources used to produce it.

Productivity, effort and efficiency goes hand in hand and are more or less related.

Productivity is a process and it constantly needs to be worked on.

To achieve productivity in your home online business you will have to do certain things.

Here are the top 3 ways to be more productive in 2013

Set Meaningful and Measurable Goals and Deadlines for Your Business

Setting goals for your online home business is critical in increasing its productivity as

this will give you a clear guideline on what needs to be accomplished and within what time span.

First, you need to do an assessment of what your business is supposed to accomplish within a set period.

Then you will need to write all the things you have to do in terms of their importance to the business against the set deadlines.

Put a time limit to give you a guideline on the urgency and importance of the set goal.

For a home online business, you should set small achievable goals, as this will give you insights on how you are managing and progressing against a set time.

Be Focused and Accountable

Be focused on what needs to be done to improve the productivity in your business.

Avoid distractions as they can deviate you from the set goals and destroy the productivity of your business.

This means that you will have to spend less time on social media or anything that does not add value to your business.

Meet new people who are on your line of business and exchange ideas.

You can also find a friend whom you can talk to about your business goals and who can hold you accountable for getting things done and be strict to help you achieve.

Have a passion for what you are doing as this will keep you going when the demand of the business becomes too much.

This will boost your motivation levels that are key to increasing productivity in your business.

Reward Yourself and Get Organized

Give yourself a reward or something to motivate you when a job is completed. This will boost your morale and give you something to be proud of because of your achievements.

It will make you appreciate your efforts towards your home online business and in case a similar task arrives in the future, you’ll be more than capable of finishing the job.

This will increase your productivity and willingness to want to learn more. Getting tidy and organized increases your performance as a person.

This goes hand in hand with soul mind and workplace. Get rid of paper cups and any clutter in your workspace.

A cluttered mind and workspace sidetracks your energy of working and this may affect your productivity to the business.

Finally, never stop looking for inspiration for your business. The iLiving App is one hidden gem that is well worth a try.

Productivity might not be easy but it is very important for your home online business success.

With more focus and hard work, your business will soar into higher heights this year.

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