You look in the mirror and see the reflection of your legs do not like it, you think “how would a little thin? “. If you want slim legs, this is for you: we tell you how to get thinner legs in just 30 days .

Tips to Reduce Fat Legs Quickly

Reduce Calorie Intake

If you want thinner legs have to follow a low calorie diet. But attention! Saying calorie we mean a lesser amount you consume foods that add nothing to the body except extra calories that add in your thighs as fat. If possible, say goodbye to sweet foods, fried foods and sugary drinks .

Practice Exercise

To have legs thinner should do cardiovascular exercise, you can choose from the bike, the treadmill, the step, elliptical, aerobics and dancing. Ideally, do 30 minutes of exercise put to work your legs; this kind of exercise accompanied by a low calorie diet will help you lose fat in the legs.

Thinner Thighs In 30 Days

Perform Squats

To lose weight fat legs you should get asap to do squats. Perform 50 squats a day for a month and see the results! To do well squats should put a little bend your rollers, keeping parallel to the legs hip width, pull the tail back and up and down by bending your legs without losing balance. Passing the second week of squats, add some weight or a metal rod for strength and effectiveness of the exercise.

Do Lunges

With the completion of lunges work all you will achieve your thigh as with squats, but especially the bottom of these and also buttocks. Remember these exercises to make them more efficient you down as much as you can when you take the plunge or moving forward.

Keep Moving

Work your legs all the time you can do it, i.e. you must make maximum use of the stairs instead of using the elevator, this will help your legs burn fat while toning. Do as much exercise as you cannot always take your body to the limit and try to prove things like lunges sideways (crab walk) as this will help to work your inner and outer thighs as well, helping you to have more shapely legs.