Theft Cover For Your Gadgets Gadgets are fast becoming part of our everyday life. We carry gadgets worth thousands of dollars on a daily basis. A typical day starts with the sound of alarm app in smartphone followed by checking emails on laptop. The day gets busier with meetings even while driving using a hands free device.  The day ends with listening music on iPods, clicking photographs on camera, playing games on gaming consoles and reading a book in nook or iPad. Now consider a situation that one of your gadgets for that matter all your electronics gets stolen. With the loss of any of these gadgets brings your life to standstill. Moreover, cost to replace anyone of these can make your finances go haywire.


How do I protect my gadgets? You can look after your gadgets with gadget insurance. It covers your gadget against the unexpected such as loss, theft, liquid damage and accidental damage. It offers speedy replacements and repairs at low premium costs. The great thing about gadget insurance is that it covers almost all gadgets and handheld devices. You can insure all yours and your family members’ gadgets in one policy. Gadget insurance comes with different insurance plans designed to meet your needs and lifestyle.  Also, most insurance policies allow you to bundle up all the electronics and give you discount on the insurance.

Where to Get Insurance

So, how does it work? Generally, your gadget comes with warranty from manufacturer that takes care of the manufacturing defects. However, they do not cover any thefts or damages and therefore, if your gadget is damaged or lost within one year of purchase you are left with the option of buying another or going for the regular cheap one’s which you would never like to do.

There are other insurance providers and specialized electronics and telecom stores that can also provide insurance when you buy phone from them. They understand that buying another gadget can be an expensive proposition that you might have to think probably four- five times to come to the decision. All you just need to enroll in gadget insurance plan from them anytime, or when you purchase your gadget.


It doesn’t matter how protected you are because in today’s environment you face so many unavoidable circumstances and issues that anyone can take your electronics and you will end up having sleepless nights. Therefore, it’s best to have insurance to insure your happiness and electronics! Click here to know more about theft insurance.