The sedentary life that most of us lead, prevents us from exercising and the recent rate of increase in falls and accidents, results in a high risk of Americans experiencing pain. Many people have come to learn that the traditional therapies which involve the administration of drugs just cover up the pain and do not always solve the actual problem. If you suffer from chronic pain, and are looking for nontraditional therapies then you should visit a pain management clinic and get examined by a doctor. After an examination and providing your medical history, the doctor will lay out a treatment plan that will involve one or several nontraditional therapies.

The Top 3 Non-Traditional Pain Management Therapies
The nontraditional therapy that will be applied will depend on the nature of pain you are experiencing or suffering from. Note that some of the nontraditional therapies can be risky. For instance, some of the nontraditional therapies that work very well in relieving headaches, migraines, osteoarthritis and bad backs may not work well in reliving chronic pain due to diabetic nerve damage or fibromyalgia. The doctor must thus take your medical history so as to make the proper diagnosis and decide on the appropriate nontraditional therapies for the management of pain.

As the patient, you should also ensure that you do your homework when considering nontraditional therapies for pain management. You should ensure that you try only the treatment that is highly likely to work in helping relieve pains from the condition you are suffering from. There are some people who advise that you can try nontraditional therapies at home but it is always recommended and advised that you get the treatment at a pain management clinic. The following are the most commonly applied nontraditional therapies.


Although no one exactly knows how acupuncture works, recent studies have shown that it works very well in relieving pains caused by various conditions including sports injuries, back injuries, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. Some believe that it works by releasing pain numbing chemicals in to the body while others believe it works by blocking the pain signals from nerves thus causing relief of pain.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care has gained a lot of popularity as one of the most effective nontraditional therapies. It is a nontraditional therapy for management of pain which is administered by a professional known as a chiropractor who uses their hands, some non invasive chiropractic tools, and other manipulation techniques. It is one of the most commonly applied nontraditional therapies in a pain management clinic. It works in not only relieving pain but also helps eradicate other symptoms that accompany the pain such as tingling, numbness, muscle and cramps. It has been successfully applied in relieving pains of the back, leg, foot, shoulder, neck, and lower back. Since it is non-invasive, and no medications are used, it does not have any known side effects.

Exercises and Dietary Changes

Pains can be worsened by some lifestyle or dietary habits. In a pain management clinic, you will be advised on how to engage in the right exercises. Note that some exercises may worsen the pain so you need the advice of doctor as to what you should do and that which you should not, when exercising. You must also change your dietary habits if you need nontraditional therapies to work for you. For instance, you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables; drink a lot of water, and avoiding taking foods high in sugar or caffeine.