The Rise of the Red Pill- the radicalization of young white males.

The internet is a powerful tool meant to educate but more and more people are using it for evil instead of good. The internet should be a safe place where we go to seek the truth, but instead many individuals are being led down the rabbit hole of bigotry without even realizing what’s happening to them.  It usually starts when one questions the feminism movement. Instead of seeking out actually feminists to help them understand the concept of intersectionality, the internet leads them to various accounts that act as gateway drugs into Nazism. Some try to be cute about it and make jokes at the feminist movement’s expense, just claiming to offer an alternative perspective. Viewers don’t realize that their minds are being corrupted. It is ironic that many of the biggest anti-feminist stars are female, trans, or in the LGBTQ++++ community. Some popular accounts are actually black individuals, but most are hoteps, which I’ve said before is the black equivalent to the alt-right.  Other users like Paul Joseph Watson, who actually did an article attacking us here at Medusa Magazine, have millions of loyal followers and subscribers and all they do is angerly spread hate and lies.  They are normalizing hate and validating toxic ideologies, causing their vast viewership to do the same.

Not is the internet making racism, sexism, etc edgy and trendy, it twists the truth around and is making the oppressors actually believe that they are the victims. The alt-right actually believes that there is so sort of agenda threatening their masculinity. That’s how fragile they are. Many have also been tricked into thinking that there is a plot of so called ‘white genocide’ afoot. This blatant lie is mainly reason why whites are against the US and European countries accepting refugees.  To the sane, this is clearly laughable because whites dominate the western world.  Frankly I am far more concerned about the rationalization of white males than I am of Muslim refugees seeking shelter.  This narrative is dangerous because it offers false motivation and purpose behind their hate.  They are however intelligent to also create code words and symbols so only they know what they’re talking about- Pepe the frog for example, once an innocent comic character has been twisted into a deity to be worshiped by those claiming to have been ‘red pilled’.

We can longer ignore the haters, we do not have the privilege of burring our heads in the sand.  The alt-right says it themselves, their meme usage is an act of warfare. It is only a matter of time before they join together and take this war to the streets, targeting anyone who isn’t white, male, christian, or able-bodied. We cannot allow their hate to flourish any longer. The internet or NSA itself needs to step in and take this matter into their own hands. Bigots should not be allowed a platform to spread hate, especially on huge sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Free speech does not cover hate speech, for hate speech is VIOLENCE. We cannot deny this anymore.


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