If you have a large family it can be a problem finding a vehicle big enough to fit everyone in comfortably. Some people add seats to vans or modify cars to accommodate an increasing family but you should be aware that you can not do this without informing the DVLA.

These types of modifications should be reported to the DVLA and may be subject to an inspection. If you are not sure if the changes you are making need to be reported, err on the side of caution, look online or try the DVLA contact telephone number.


Many car manufacturers these days supply cars with variable seating options which should be safe and convenient for transporting even the largest family. There may additional or optional features too such as CD players attached to seats in order to keep the little ones occupied on longer journeys. Let’s face it, if they’re happy then everything is a lot easier.

The first thing you should of course check on is safety. Your family is precious and safety features such as childproof locks are very important as are electric window locks. You should also look for additional air bags as well child seat anchors. Bear in mind however that air bags may not be suitable for very young children, check guidelines or try http://www.dvlacontactnumber.com/ for the latest advice and information. Many air bags can now be switched off if need be but check this.

The Right Car To Transport Your Family In Comfort

Boot space is also important. A lot of people need and carry a lot of stuff, particularly on family holidays and days out. If you have young babies you probably need to take a lot of baby paraphernalia with you whenever you go out. Buggies, prams and changing bags can take up a lot of space.

Additional features

New vehicles, particularly top of the range models, come will many additional features including eye level displays to allow you to keep you eye firmly on the road. Stereo controls can be voice activate or controls placed on the steering column. Hands-free phone systems as well as sat navs come as standard in many new vehicles.

Particularly in larger cars, air conditioning is important. Even though summers in the UK can be a bit hit and miss, when it does get hot travelling in the car can be unbearable without efficient interior environmental controls. Keep your family comfortable and ensure the model you choose has air conditioning.

The environmental impact made by cars of all types is now a real factor in many purchases. The lower the emissions, the less road tax you will pay. With the most efficient cars your could find yourself exempt from road tax completely, so this is certainly something to look out for. It may cost a little in the initial outplay but consider much you will be saving in the long run. Also, not only will you be saving the planet, you will be saving money too.