Some people go to work worrying about what to cook for dinner; others make the commute while worrying if they will get home alive. There are plenty of safe jobs that put employees at virtually no risk, but there are other, equally necessary positions that individuals must take in the face of extreme danger. Here are the most dangerous work environments of 2013:

The Most Dangerous Work Environments Of 2013


Being a logger doesn’t just mean growing a beard and wearing flannel clothing. Instead, these daring individuals have to face the dangers of massive cutting equipment, uneven terrain, and a constant barrage of falling timber. And while it is still an extremely important industry that helps support the economy, it is estimated that per every 100,000 loggers, over 120 will perish in a workplace accident, making this the most dangerous profession in America.


There is a reason you don’t want to get on the roof to make any repairs: it looks dangerous, doesn’t it? That doesn’t stop professional roofers from facing the dangers of towering heights and brutal summer heat. And, unfortunately, nearly 70 roofers die each year.

Electrical Power Line Installers

We all love the convenience of readily available electricity, but rarely think of the sacrifices made by the individuals who help make it happen. Electrical power line installers, those responsible for our constant supply of energy, work against all odds, braving heights, inclement weather, and even the constant risk of electrocution as they go about their work. And things don’t always work out: more than 20 power line installers perish on the job each year.

Truck Drivers

Naturally, truck drivers face worse odds than office workers because of their constant presence on national highways. But to make it worse, many of these employees are in a race against time and take unsafe measures in order to make sure they stay awake long enough to make a delivery on time. And though this sometimes works, it often leads to accidents resulting in injury or death. Because of the heavy saturation of truck drivers in the work force, it is believed that over 700 died on the job in one single year.

Farmers and Ranchers

Farmers and ranchers happen to have one of the most dangerous jobs in the entire country. And though you may imagine that has something to do with accidents involving large animals, the danger lies in another realm entirely: most deaths are caused by accidents with heavy machinery, with over 200 occurring in one year.

Construction Workers

The physically demanding and fatiguing work of a construction worker leads to over 200 deaths on the job site per year. And while some of these deaths occur because of an unavoidable an accident, many could be avoided if the proper safety procedures are followed, leading to increased legislation on workplace safety each and every year.

Stay Safe When You Go to Work

You may feel safe at your place of work, but not everyone does, and some workers face dangerous odds every day. This list encompasses some of the most dangerous jobs in the country that must be performed by daring and brave individuals.


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