When we clean our homes we dust our furniture and the ceilings, we vacuum and shampoo the carpets and we wash our rugs and bed sheets. Sadly, we often forget to clean our mattress which plays a very important role in our lives. When you check your mattress, you will find that it has already accumulated a large volume of dirt and debris and all that mess can harm us as we sleep.

As such, your mattress needs the same care and attention that other things in your home receive. Moreover, when you clean your mattress regularly you will not have to worry about pests getting into your bed or breathing in all the nasty mess in your mattress.

Clean Your Mattress Regularly

Your mattress must be cleaned every two to three months at least by vacuuming it to get rid of the dust and debris. This will help stop the mess from accumulating and harming you as you sleep. One of the best ways to clean your mattress is by having it steam cleaned so that any bacteria living inside your mattress can be killed.

Though you can steam clean your mattress on your own, it is best to hire the services of a professional to steam clean your mattress. The professional can steam clean other furniture pieces and carpets as well for a minimal fee.

When you include steam cleaning in your regular housekeeping, you are assured that pests and any bacteria living in your home are eliminated giving you a healthy home to live in. Dust mites are also a common pest in your mattress as they feed on dead skin and dander, and they can trigger dust allergies.

Steam cleaning can prevent dust mites from infesting your mattress and prevent you from getting allergies.

Steam Cleaning Your Mattress On Your Own

If you plan to steam clean your mattress on your own, there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Your Mattress

Moisture is easily retained in mattresses, making mildew quick to thrive because of the warm temperature in your home. This is why you need to make sure that all the water is sucked out of the mattress using the steam cleaner’s vacuum feature. Once you have removed all the water, leave the mattress upright to dry completely.

Only Use A Steam Cleaner

It is important to understand that only a steam cleaner can clean your mattress the way a steam cleaner can.

Never use an alternative for a steam cleaner. It is also essential to use the right type of fabric approved cleaner and never bleach. If you can not find a store that sells steam cleaners, hire the services of a company that offers steam cleaning services for residences because they have the right equipment and tools to steam clean mattresses and other household furniture safely.

Steam Clean Completely

When you steam clean your mattress, move the nozzle in one direction on every surface. Just be sure that you have steam cleaned every surface area, because any dust mites in your mattress left in the dirty areas will only spread to the areas that you had worked so hard to clean.

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