The Blatant Misogyny of STEM Departments

Apparently it’s fine for entire departments to have a gender ratio of 9:1 white male:everyone else. This is a thing, in case no one’s noticed. It’s a thing in mechanical/electrical engineering, physics, even math. Entire departments become sausage fests because no one is willing to admit women into their ranks. Entire departments, effectively men’s clubs. Places where men have ‘locker room talk’ in their departments, demeaning and isolating women outside their social circles (if that even exists), and shunning the few brave women who dared to take up these subjects to pursue their dreams.

The entire reason that this disparity exists is because people like keeping their boys’ clubs to themselves. We know it happens everywhere. We’ve seen it in the workplace, even in the family. Universities are just another place to see it. It’s not even particularly special. But that doesn’t stop it from being horrifyingly misogynistic. Entire departments in STEM have a nearly 10:1 professor gender ratio, lab tech gender ratio, student gender ratio. And that 1 is for all non-white males. That includes all women of color, transgender people, and pretty much everyone single other gender that has been oppressed by white males.

It doesn’t matter that there’s ‘research’ that says that there’s basis behind this difference. That research is conducted by (no points for guessing) white males who want to brainwash people with the idea that women are incapable of science. They used this for centuries before now to keep women out of Universities. Now, they’ve lost some ground, and can only do it for their little boys’ clubs like mechanical engineering or physics or even (eugh) computer science. These departments are surprisingly similar to gender-based hegemonies. You could be walking through the halls of a prison and any of these departments, and you couldn’t tell the difference. Yes, men, we’re watching your crime levels and how often you manage to get thrown into prison.

Fortunately, there are ways out of this. It is time for us to ask for special women-only classes, or at the very least classes without any white male members. Even any males at all, if you truly want to make all non-dominant demographics comfortable. If we can protect the suffering demographics from the casual and merciless sexism of these departments, we can attempt to bring in more women into these fields. Ask for separate classes. Ask for more funding for research by women. Ask for more programs that focus on women and minorities. We have the freedom to ask for all of these things. If the departments don’t comply, talk to more people. Take this all the way to the top. Let the uppermost echelons of the University know that these departments have finally shown their true colors and are purposefully refusing to support women and minorities (which is what’s happening, in case you haven’t noticed).

Men have always tried to keep women out of high-earning professions. And equality in those professions will only come if Universities support modern women and minorities. It’s time to take STEM back.


I write about the political, financial, and heteronormative oppression of cultures, both past and present. Western civilization has always thrived on feeding off African and non-Western cultures. Five hundred years of global imperialism has benefited no one but the modern rich white people. And it's time we call them out.