The 4 Things Nursing Students Need To Know About Medications

Nursing students have to have a clear understanding of medical procedures in order to be properly trained and fit for nursing duty. Knowledge of medications is one of the key aspects of their training. Whether on track to be a nursing director, a nurse supervisor, or a nurse manager, knowledge of medications is crucial. Here are the four things nursing students need to know about medications.

1. How Medications Work

To non-medical professionals, medications seem to work like magic. They know they don’t actually work that way, but it’s fun to imagine and makes it easier. However, nursing students need to know exactly how the medications they give to their patients work. How does it make its way through their body? What are the intended results? They should also know about the chemical compositions and any possible issues that might arise from taking them.

2. How to Administer Medication

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s more than one way to administer medication. While many medications are delivered orally, via pills or capsules, others need to be given via IVs, rectally, or transdermal, meaning it’s administered via the patient’s skin. A nursing student should perfect all of these systems of giving medication and understand the best method for each of their patients.

3. Side Effects

Just about every medication has some side effects. The severity can range, but nurses should clearly know about the side effects so that their patients are as informed as possible about any possible risks. For instance, any medication with the risk of suicidal thoughts needs that explained. Nursing students need to do thorough research into which side effects are most prevalent.

4. New Developments

Medical advancements are constantly happening, and those in the industry need to be aware of them. Nursing students should be up to speed on progress in medication. New treatments should be understood thoroughly and considered. They should ask all the relevant questions about any new medication.

Patients rely on nurses to understand the medication that they are administering to them. Therefore, it’s crucial that they have a thorough of an understanding as possible.

We hope this has given you a good idea of what nursing students in certain nurse practitioner programs online need to know about medications. In order to be an accomplished nurse, you need to take every aspect of it as seriously as possible. By following these tips, you can be a truly excellent nurse.