Do you want to experience the joy of teaching someone? Well, most of us would love to explore this option. Free advices are also a form of teaching and when you know that you have the potential to advice people, why not turn it into a professional work.

How about becoming a teacher and be able to teach students. You earn money, respect and lot more. If it sounds like too much for you at this time in next few minutes, it will sound easy as you read through this article.

Being a teacher is not that difficult, especially if you have the ability to communicate with other people. If not for other subjects, you can easily become an English teacher in just few months. This is possible with the help of TESOL certification online.

Before we discuss on this certification, let’s talk about the characteristics of a good English teacher. This will help you to be that perfect teacher every student’s respects. Here it goes:

Passionate About the Work

Effective teachers are always passionate about their teaching. They teach with passion to help students learn and do well in their studies. Teaching job is very demanding as there will be a number of students depending on you to gain knowledge. So, you really need to be passionate about the profession, if you decide to get into it.

 Professional Knowledge

Teaching requires a teacher to be well versed with his subject. He should have professional knowledge about the subject as students ask many questions and he is required to answer those questions. Therefore, if you want to be a teacher, you need to know the subject very well – English in this case.

Personal Qualities

You need to have traits of good personality like well-groomed, well-spoken, disciplined etc to be an effective teacher. After all, your students will learn from you and if you fail to impress them or grab their attention, you can’t teach them.

Instructional Effectiveness

You should have a qualification to be an effective teacher. This is where TESOL certification will help you. Just take out few months time to study and you are all set to be a learned English teacher after taking this certification.

Good Communication Skills

Highly effective teachers should have very good communication skills. As a teacher you will be required to articulate ideas, and express your beliefs about teaching. Without a good communication skill, you won’t be able to do that.

Commitment to Ongoing Learning

Teaching is not just limited to classroom. As an English teacher you need to go extra mile to enhance your skills and knowledge. This requires ongoing commitment to learn and study. There will be always something new to teach in the classroom. Therefore, in order to teach you need to learn as well.

In a nutshell, if you think you have all these qualities in you then surely you can be a very skilled English teacher. All you need to do now is enroll for online TESOL certification.