Let’s face it; buying Christmas presents for that special man in your life isn’t always easy! Most of the time, if he wants something, he’ll simply go out and buy it. You see, unlike women, men usually put things like having the latest Xbox game before the need to put food on the table and would happily live on beans for a week to fund such a purchase. As such, it’s not always easy to know what to buy your bloke at Christmas so we’ve done our best to put together our top 3 gifts to consider:

A Traditional Shaving Set

Does your hubby or boyfriend currently use a disposable razor and end up with a nasty shaving rash every time he shaves? If so, now is the time to do something about it for him! This set from Comb and Blade makes the perfect gift and contains everything which is needed to start wet shaving. The products within the kit are all from the fantastic Bluebeards Revenge range including a ‘shavette,’ a shaving brush and enough shaving cream and post-shave balm for over 50 shaves! You can’t go wrong with this great gift set this Christmas.

A Quadcopter Kit

Quadcopters, or drones, are the in thing at the moment and, in many cases, are on every man’s wish list. You’ve probably seen them on TV and in magazine but if you haven’t, he certainly will have done. We found a great selection of quadcopter kits at Radio C, all of which have the added benefit that they’ll keep him busy for hours whilst not only flying it but building it as well. They’re the ideal boys toy and by buying him a kit, he’ll be able to boast about building it all by himself as well! A fantastic buy for any man!

A Trip To The Theatre

Not every man loves his gadgets and for those who prefer a nice night out, why not consider buying him tickets to the theatre? If you choose wisely, it’s a night out for you as well. You can’t go wrong buying tickets to a musical or a Shakespeare play and if you buy through the likes of Hello Darling, you’ll usually find you can get a great deal on discounted tickets. There’s literally something for everyone in theatre’s across the country around Christmas so if that’s his thing, get the tickets booked!

All in all, here we’ve given you three VERY different ideas as to what to buy your bloke this Christmas. Whatever he’s into, there’s always something that little bit different which you can buy for him and, in most instances, it’s those gifts which are a little different which are remembered and appreciated most!