Helping the planet doesn’t just consist of recycling your own plastic and unwanted packaging. Helping the earth is a very broad term which could apply to a whole load of different things. A lot of people don’t want to attempt to do what we know as “saving as world”, since it seems like such a huge task. However, there are many simple things that you can do in order to help this planet, and here are a few of them.

  1. Recycle More Things

There’s no end to the things that you can recycle. From your old mobile phones to the food peelings to the packaging of your loaves of bread and cereals, you can recycle all of it. This all helps towards making sure that we don’t run out of resources, and it’s a great feeling to know that you could be using something that you recycled several months ago.

  1. Encourage your Friends and Family to Help

Raising awareness of different issues is one of the main ways you can help without spending a penny. Get on the internet, talk to your friends and encourage your kids to recycle their stuff and do what they can to save the planet. Helping the planet also involves being nice to people, so teach your little ones kindness, compassion and mercy.

  1. Volunteer with an Organization

Many charitable organizations are always crying out for more volunteers, and even if you can only give one hour a week of your time, it will be highly appreciated. Most charities have a Contact Us page on their website, so getting in touch with them is never too difficult. You’ll feel great after helping others too, and especially since your help will be valued so much by other people.

  1. Stop getting Paper Bills

By signing up for online banking and changing your paper bills to online bills, you’ll be going that little extra step to help save the planet. Even though you might not think it’s a lot of paper that is being used, think about all the envelopes and letters that you get per week and then multiply that by 52 to get a figure of how much paper you’re using each year. Over your lifetime, that’s a hell of a lot of paper, which in all reality, doesn’t really need to be used.

  1. Drive Slower

When you’re out and about on the roads, don’t drive at top speed just because you can. Always keep your speed under the limit and remember that apart from being safer, you’re creating less fumes on the roads. If those benefits weren’t good enough to slow you down, you’ll also save money on fuel by cutting down on speed.