One of the most common threats to residential properties are pests who are in search of food and make their way onto the yards. Animals and small critters are known to destroy manicured lawns and gardens with their activity, which can make it difficult to maintain the property. To protect your yard from unwelcome guests, there are a few important steps to take.

Repel The Rodents: 6 Tips To Protecting Your Yard From Pests

1. Use Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are a natural repellant for cats, slugs, and deer. Sprinkle the grounds on the perimeter of your yard to use a protective barrier that will blend in with the soil. The grounds can be obtained from a local coffee shop and applied once or twice each month.

2. Apply Organic Sprays

Use insect-repelling sprays that are organic, which are known for containing red pepper, garlic cloves, and essential oil extract to protect your yard from bunnies and various types of insects. It’s a safe product for animals or pets that may be in the yard and it won’t damage your plants or lawn after it’s applied.

3. Build a Fence

Hire a professional company like Amazing Fencing to build a structure that can enclose your yard and protect it from intruders. Use a fence that is sturdy and doesn’t feature any openings where critters can crawl through. This will reduce the amount of animals that roam the property and can protect your garden or plants.

4. Use Bloodmeal

Bloodmeal is effective against bunnies and deer, which can be sprinkled in garden beds or near your plants. Use the powder liberally to ensure that the animals can smell the blood.

5. Install Motion Sensor Lights

You can scare off different animals and pests by installing motion sensor lights in your yard. The activity will easily be detected, which can cause deer, foxes, or cats to flee in the other direction at night.

6. Adopt a Dog

Adopting a guard dog is an effective and long-term solution to protecting your property from pests throughout the year. Adopt a dog that will bark when it senses the presence of another animal and will scare off the pests during the day or night.

Although rodents are known to invade private properties and destroy yards, there are effective ways of protecting the grounds. With the right products and tools in place, you can enjoy maintaining a flawless yard and protecting your space from damage each season.