RenovateWhen it comes to housing, sometimes it does come down to choices when it comes to relocation or renovation. It is going to be depending on the family, what the space and room needs are as well as costs to renovate. So how can you decide if you need to renovate or relocate? Here are three tough choices for you to take a look at.


This can be a gritty choice for those who want to either relocate or renovate. It will cost you either way no matter what the choice is for housing renovation or relocation. Take a look at your current surroundings and get estimates on whether it would be better to relocate or renovate. Those estimates will help you start the decision making process in order to select the right path for you and your family. They can also give you a clear idea of what is going to be needed as far as money goes to accomplish either of the two choices. Then you can decide on which path is going to be the best for all involved.


After reviewing the estimates, you will now have to determine which of the two options is the most feasible financially as well as location wise. This too, can be a very difficult choice to make especially if you are attached to a home or residence, but no longer have the room or features that you need. Things such as cost, labor, materials, and relocation expenses all add into the feasibility issue. It can be much easier to renovate than relocate, however that is up to the family to decide which the best idea is for them. Either situation could certainly apply.


After the affordability as well as the feasibility comparison has been done, the next idea is to deal with the logistics of the matter. Moving as well as renovating can be time consuming, expensive and sometimes a very big hassle. It can be hard to uproot children who have friends in the area, but it can be just as hard when it comes to the bare bones of renovation. It can be a tossup as to which one is going to be the better selection for the family involved. No two people or families are going to be alike in their needs, so it is left up to personal choice. Proper planning can help deal with the logistics of either selection.

This can be a very difficult time to select one of the two options when it comes to what is needed and how much space is needed. In some cases, the best option would be to relocate, while in other cases, a renovation will be what is required in order to get the space needed for a growing family. Take the time to go over all available options before deciding on which to choose. Either way, it will take time, patience and finances in order to get what is needful for your home. Even those that don’t have children can find themselves in this same situation. Their home may no longer suit their needs and they would have the same choice as a family that has children, to renovate or relocate. This is a time filled with choices and the right information can often make the choice easier to deal with. It doesn’t have to be hard when it comes to knowing about FEHA for example.

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Kathy Acker has had dealings with FEHA and knows all about the tough choices when it comes to relocation versus renovation. Let her knowledge help you in that choice.