Do you love tinkering with the electrical appliances at your home? Do you think you have a better understanding of how electricity works than the average folks? A career as electric technician could be the right choice.

While most people do not think highly of electric technicians, one shouldn’t forget that they play an important role in ensuring we lead our life without much distress. What do you do when the AC breaks down right in the middle of hot, sweltering summer heat? Electrician saves the day. Whom do you remember when your geyser doesn’t work in frozen winter time? An electrician. These are not the only two situations where one is reminded of the importance of an electrician. Therefore, you have every reason to pursue a career in this field and the further text will enlighten you on the various facets of this job.

What does an Electric Technician do?

An electric technician mainly installs repairs and maintains the electronic materials. These technicians must possess federal and state regulations and they must know all the safety measures as they deal with such things. They are responsible for number of things but their main task is to make sure that all the electrical items are running properly. If any equipment fails to work then the main task is of the technician is to repair it efficiently and safely as fast as possible. It is his/her responsibility to regulate, troubleshoot, check, clean, adjust, improve, or even uninstall the equipment. Apart from this, they also work with wiring, voltage, or even forklifts and loaders. Maximum number of electric technicians works in factories; however, this is not always the case. They also work in different organizations too.

How to become one?

The basic education qualification required to become an electrical technician is a high school diploma or GED along with any electrical certification. However, the requirement depends mainly on the type of work. Few recruiters only need a technician with little experience in the field irrespective of the education qualification. On the other hand, few need associate’s degree in electrical engineering. Electrical knowledge is however must in almost everywhere. Again, there are many places where just basic computer knowledge is required and willingness to work under a supervisor or a team leader.

An electric technician must prepare himself or herself to work for minimum 40-hour per week. It may vary from company to company and there may be a shift job such as morning, evening or even for night shifts. Moreover, the technicians may expect over-time too at times or an emergency call for any emergency repair. Indoor or outdoor, both category of work is there for technicians but are subject to climate and other conditions.

Electrical Technician Tasks

The main tasks of an electric technician are to:

  • Carry out necessary mechanical and electrical troubleshooting.
  • Read and understand different electrical and mechanical blueprints, illustrations and schematics.
  • Lay out and collect essential electrical circuits and assemblies.
  • Lay out and collect drawing-machines and detailed verbal order.

Job Prospect and Opportunities

Job prospects for electricians are just excellent. Number of candidates can enter into this profession easily as there are number of vacancies each year.  Moreover, the competition is also not too high for this profession as usually people look for more comfortable job and this job requires hard work indoor or outdoor.

In the coming years, job opportunities in this field are going to rise high. The growth is becoming high just because of increasing population and growing economy which is leading to more and more construction and remodeling work globally. And, each of these works requires electric technicians. In addition, advancement in technology will generate higher demand for electricians as buildings will call for better and improved electrical systems for computers and various other industrial facilities. More are more automated equipment’s are being used these days for which well-qualified technicians are required.

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