Healthcare industry in India is reaching new leaps and bounds. In fact, today, it is one of the highest revenue generating sectors in India. With new inventions in the field of medical science and with the advancement of technology, there has been an immense progress. Today you can find all kinds of equipment to treat various kinds of diseases.

Planning To Open A Diagnostic Centre, Here Is What You Need To Do

Other than hospitals, even diagnostic services are experiencing a tremendous growth. Today you can find many pathological labs and standalone centres that are rapidly increasing all across the country. In fact, one can find some of the best diagnostic labs in Mumbai. Today medical students are aspiring to be radiologists rather than being surgeons. If you have completed your degree in Radiology and want to open a diagnostic centre of your own, then treat this like a mission because opening a pathology lab is like fighting a battle that requires enthusiasm and lot of planning. Below are some points that should be taken into account before one should start: –


For setting up any medical facility, the first and the foremost requirement is the space. One should lookout for a place that is easily accessible to large number of people. Since medical equipment like machines, testing labs, MRI, CT scan machines requires lot of room and adequate temperature for them to function efficiently. While looking for a place, you should consider to open on the ground floor for elderly and disabled and if you like a place in upper floors then make sure you have a provision of lift. You should definitely have washrooms for patients to take urine and stool samples. Visit some pathology labs to get a fair idea. In India, there are some best diagnostic centres in Mumbai where you can plan your visit.


Procuring medical equipment and machinery is a not easy and they are highly expensive. Therefore, you should be ready to invest separately for these equipment and machines. Apart from these there will be staff, electricity, advertising and other expenditures that should also be factored in.


Since you would be opening a medical facility, therefore proper licenses should be acquired in order to start up a laboratory. Also, ensure to renew the licences timely so that you don’t end up in any legal complications later. Try and go for Accreditation as it would help in building confidence for operating the centre efficiently.


If you are aspiring to be one of the India’s top leading pathology lab services, then you must have staffs that also work in conjunction with your dreams. You need to have a team of skilled and experienced laboratory technicians and radiologist to ensure success. Also do have a front desk manager who should be patient friendly. You should also be able to provide home visits as some of the patients are unable to travel to the labs. If possible, try to strike a deal with a renowned hospital.


The future can be bright and successful if you are ready to considerate all minute details and give your hundred percent.