Looking for new ways to promote your nightclub? Lengthen the line at your door by implementing a text message marketing strategy. Here’s how to maximize the power of this marketing platform.

Offer VIP Access

Fill up the club for your next event faster by texting an exclusive offer for limited VIP access. By texting an offer for VIP access before tickets go on sale to the general public, you can sell more tickets sooner for a higher price. This offer also rewards your text subscribers for their loyalty and provides an incentive for them to continue receiving your texts.

According to How a Mass Texting Service can Help you Pack the Dance Floor at your Nightclub, offering deals through text message motivates customers to come to your business and it also helps them associate your club with positive feelings. This positivity could lead to enhanced loyalty towards your nightclub and an increase in positive word of mouth.

Waive the Cover Fee

Want to pack your nightclub this weekend? Text your loyal subscribers an offer to waive the evening’s cover fee if they bring along a friend. When the customers arrive for the evening with their friends and with the offer to waive the cover fee in hand, require that the friends sign up for your email list to also have their cover fees waived. In one evening, you can fill your club and substantially lengthen your list of text subscribers.

Text on Slow Nights

Tired of seeing your dance floor empty in the middle of the week? Entice more customers to come through the door by texting midweek deals. For example, if Wednesday is your slowest day of the week, text your subscribers an offer for a free drink that’s only valid for 24 hours from the send time.

The time sensitive nature of the message should increase engagement and drive more customers through the door. While this is an effective tactic, use it with care to avoid burning out your subscribers with time sensitive messages.

Hone Your Send Times

The time of day you send your text message can influence how effectively they increase traffic through your door. For example, are your subscribers more likely to engage with your text messages early in the day while finalizing the evening’s plans, or while they’re getting ready to go out at night? Learn more about the preferences of your list’s subscribers by implementing an A/B testing strategy. This type of strategy can help you learn more about when your subscribers are most likely to open and engage with your messages.

Cross Promote your Club

Enhance engagement with your marketing messages by cross promoting your nightclub on different platforms. For example, if you’re offering an exclusive deal on Facebook, give your text message subscribers a heads up by texting them a link to the deal. By cross promoting your marketing messages, you can extend the reach of each message.

Building a list of text message subscribers and regularly engaging with those subscribers can be a great way to promote your nightclub. From texting special deals to honing your text sending times, there are many ways to harness the power of text message marketing.