For quite some time, 70 year old Phil Bretthauer, who was a patient at Unity Point Health in Fort Dodge, was known to be the most expensive of patients. Phil Bretthauer was frequently hit with ailments such as COPD, heart attacks and prostate cancer and was a regular attendant at the hospital.

Bretthauer said that he was always worried and anticipating about what next was about to come. Also Dr. Lincoln Wallace the local care physician was worried about the same.

But at Unity Point this year, a preventive measure was taken by several doctors and local hospitals at Iowa that they would definitely do something to evade through this costly cycle of sickness and readmission for patients such as Bretthauer.

Obama’s Effort Towards Cutting Down Medicare Expenses

With the assistance of an effective Medicare program built by the Affordable Care Act, the hospital signed and became a part of a responsible care organization. Economists have said that this effective Affordable Care Act should be of great assistance for patients and will help them greatly to get cured at a lesser cost.

These ACO’s work in a very systematic and organized way that is, a set of physicians form a network which systematically takes care of the group of signed Medicare patients. Well, in Iowans, there are around 9,000 patients who have already joined the group and have been getting good assistance until now.

If this network gets a positive feedback and can help in keeping the patients fit and healthy, that too in less money, it will help patients save a lot more than what they used to. With the collected money, Medicare can do things which it has not yet done such as reaching out and assisting more patients at their residence. But yet again, if it does not fare well, it might also have to face a financial price.

ACO’s have today become the most talked about topic and is a blooming idea being welcomed with opens hands. With the available assistance and effective ideas in Obamacare, there has been great help been offered everywhere and has been able to fix issues such as insufficient payments and so forth.

There are now about 4 million Medicare beneficiaries presently connected to the AOC and more than 428 hospitals have joined hands with either private ACO or the effectual Medicare program. It has been estimated that around 14 percent of the population of US are being served well by the ACO.