There are times in our lives when life takes us on a move across the country. Moving to another city can be for a job or to be close to family. Whatever the reason, we find ourselves anxious and nervous about the new city we’re going to move to. Here are a few ways to alleviate stress and anxiety when moving to another city and save money while doing so.


If you haven’t moved in quite some time, you will quickly realize that you have accumulated tons of things from furniture to clothing and everything in between. Large items such as televisions and various pieces of furniture can be a challenge to move. You’re thinking to yourself, “Should I rent a moving truck or should I hire movers for the large pieces? Who’s going to help me? The television in the living room is gigantic and I can’t possibly move that on my own!” Commonly, this is what goes through everyone’s mind when moving. You’re debating between the two and obviously cost is the major factor between the two. Generally, movers like Allied Movers will estimate based on how many items are going to be moved. If you only have a few pieces of large furniture, it is recommended to use professional movers who will do the heavy lifting and transporting of your large items. It can help save money by preventing any injuries or damages to you or your belongings by hiring professional movers.

Packing Materials

Normally, when we think of packing up our things we think about packing supplies, such as boxes and packing peanuts. The associated cost when purchasing packing supplies can be expensive, especially if you have many items to pack. Have you ever thought of alternate packing materials to help reduce the cost? If you are going to use a lot of boxes for the move, try going to your local supermarket and ask if they have any boxes they may no longer need. Most big-name retailers recycle their used boxes. Once you have acquired enough boxes, it is time to look for wrappers for the delicate items. Old newspapers are normally thrown out in the recycling bin. Ask neighbors if they have any old newspapers that they no longer want and use them to wrap your fragile items. An alternate to newspapers can be your clothing. Clothing and linens can also be used to wrap your delicate belongings to prevent them from damage. Another idea is to use your pillows as a cushion inside the boxes. By seeking alternate packing materials, it will reduce cost and save you money during your move.

New Home, New City

So all the things related to packing and moving is behind you. You’ve contacted movers to move your large pieces of furniture and you’ve packed all the smaller items. Now it’s about researching the new area you’ll be moving to. With technology and mobile phones today, there are many applications that we can utilize for a seamless move to explore the new city we move to. One way to familiarize yourself with the area is to type in your new address on an online map app. After typing it in, the map will zoom into the location. From there, you can zoom in or zoom out and even take a virtual tour by using the “street-view” feature. This is one of the most common ways to familiarize yourself with the new area before even moving there.

Additionally, you can also look up local transit and traffic times using the online map app. You can type in your address and then type in the place you want to get to and the online map will give you directions. It will even provide local transit information, if needed. By utilizing technology, such as an online map, it will alleviate stress and anxiety when moving to a new location. Do you want to explore? Are you looking for your local grocery store or mall, want to know where the locals go? Travel mobile apps are used specifically for that. Using travel apps can give you insights from a wide range of people. Locals, and visitors alike, write reviews and take pictures of places they’ve been. By looking up businesses using these apps, you can get an in-depth look at the places you want to go before even going.

These are only a few ways to help alleviate stress and anxiety associated with moving while saving money. You want the move to be as seamless as possible because moving to a new city can be stressful.