Drug and Alcohol Abuse Amongst the Youth of the Nation: A Powerful and Damaging Reality

One area of public health concerns that has been relatively ignored for some time now has been that of alcohol use, drug use, and substance abuse in general amongst Skokie youth and that is why a drug rehabilitation Skokie will be in place targeting the youth especially.  This isn’t just a problem here though; in fact, it is a big problem in other areas too.  For example:

Much concern has been placed on youth drug and alcohol abuse United States. This has become particularly worrisome as it pertains to youth substance abuse of heroin and prescription drugs. The reason for this heightened concern is because so many young people have died from these habits. Far more than the numbers of older adults who have died? Something must be done about this soon or else the thousands of young adults who have died will escalate into tens of thousands before too long.

New Addiction Documentary Could Help Educate Skokie Students

Teen drug and alcohol abuse and drug abuse is and has been a big problem.  In fact, four teenagers out of ten reported having friends who use drugs; more than a quarter said someone has tried to sell them illegal drugs.  More than 55% of the parents interviewed acknowledged that they had smoked marijuana sometime in their lives, and one out of five admitted using other illegal drugs.  This has only gone to help encourage substance abuse as well amongst the youth of the nation since their parents have done it, it seems to be okay for them to do it. This is false though because it hurts the youth’s mental and physical well being since they’re still developing therefore the city of Skokie has brought in the Chicago drug rehabilitation centers team for extra support and information.

Information and True Data Being Used in Skokie to Inform Youth on the Dangers of Substance Abuse

In recent news, a special documentary about the dangers and truths behind drug and alcohol abuse in and around Chicago has now been released by the Drug Enforcement Administration, (www.dea.gov), and is being screened in suburban Chicago too.  To support and promote the documentary, FBI Director James Comey says in a news release the film “may be difficult to watch,” but it’s meant to educate students about the consequences of drug abuse and alcohol abuse both. If they don’t listen now on how dangerous these substances can be, then they’ll be educating again at a drug rehab Skokiewhen they are receiving treatment.

The 45-minute documentary is titled “Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict.” It will be shown in schools and community centers all across the greater Chicago area.  For a long time now studies have shown that the best way to stop young adults from abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place is to simply educate them on the dangers that go along with abusing drugs and alcohol, and that is what this documentary aims to do.

The documentary itself includes interviews with people affected by addiction to prescription drugs and heroin. It also includes interviews with medical professionals and people in law enforcement as well.  It is quite informative and in some ways pretty brutal, and it is hoped that it will dissuade many from abusing drugs and alcohol.