Binoculars is an interesting gadget and can be found in every house used by kids or environment enthusiast. There are various brands that can be found in the market like Nikon, Canon, and Zeiss. Finding the right one is a difficult choice.

National Geographic 10X25 Binoculars are small in size yet big in performance. Every feature of these binoculars offers maximum performance and extreme comfort.  These light weight, small sized binoculars can easily slip into your pocket and never fails to impress you with the performance. Maximum eye comfort, extreme durability, excellent performance and ease-of-use are some other salient features of these affordable binoculars.


At 10x the magnification is simply superb allowing you access to even the minute details of the object. This quality also allows you to jot down the minute features of the object like color, texture, aesthetic characteristics of an object without missing any detail.

Objective Diameter

With 25mm objective diameter, the binoculars offer a brighter image with high resolution. It helps you to spot the object even in unfavorable light conditions like darkness, bright sunlight, etc. That works perfect while you want the vision to be unaffected by surrounding light conditions. It renders the perfect natural resolution of the object.

Field of View

These binoculars offer you the wide dimensions at 97m/1000m thus enabling you to have a steady, crystal-clear view of the objective without disturbing or straining your eyes.

Easy to carry

Weighing at 190g these cameras are extremely light to just slip into your pocket without bothering you while walking. It makes them perfect choice for hiking, travelling and trekking when you are on a constant move and use binoculars frequently while on the go.

Prism type

The BAK4 roof prisms with individual focus offers a sharp contrast that gives a perfect outline to the object. It also enhances resolution to offer unique character to the details of the object. Collectively it extremely enhances the visual experience. It also helps to bring the objects very close to your eyes.


These binoculars are water resistant and come with rubber-armor to offer it a complete shield from extreme weather conditions and rough handling. So now you can enjoy the perfect view without worrying about your binoculars’ safety. The best material used for manufacturing gives it further strength.

Good Grip

While using binoculars for long hours you hands need a certain rest. That is mainly due to constantly adjusting them for a better grip. That’s why the binoculars are specifically designed to offer a better grip without having to adjust too much. The design prevents it from slipping off your hands and at the same time helps you to keep them holding for long time without any difficulty.