I remember the times I used to run to my older sister the minute I woke up to a huge zit on my face. At 15, no matter what I put on it, nothing seemed to look good! But my sis always seemed to have just the right answers.

But that was then.

I’m now older (and wiser!) and over the years have realized that there are just a few simple make-up tricks to get the right kinda look- for a date, prom or dinner party.

Here are some make-up FAQs that I got answered through endless sessions of trial and error(and after following my sister’s useful tips of course!). I’m sure you’ve been dying to get some of these answered too!

For your lips

How can I keep my lip gloss on for longer?

First of all, stop licking it off! I used to love doing that, but it would only leave me with extremely chapped lips (definitely not the look you’re going for!). Frame your lips with some nude lip liner before getting your lips all glossy. It keeps the gloss on for longer. Well, can’t help you much if you still have the urge to lick it all off!

What’s the best shade of lipstick for a night out?

Pick your shade of lippy to match your outfit. For bolder colors like red or fuchsia, a nude lip tone looks great. For a dress with a less vibrant color, red lipstick will get you all the right attention. Try liquid lipstick to get your glam quotient soaring high!

For your eyes

How can I make my eyelashes look longer?

I’ve always dreamy of having lashes that go on and on, but never thought I could get them till I discovered ELF Studio’s lash extending mascara. Nothing beats its lengthening effect! Gone are the days of short and stubby lashes- your lashes will look longer and more defined with just one coat.

How can I apply an even streak of eyeliner?

Get a liner with a fine tip or a precision liquid eyeliner and see crooked lines vanish. Hold your eyelid firmly before applying your liquid liner in one stroke from the inner corner extending outward, making sure you draw close to the lash line. Case of wonky elbows? Support the elbow before you apply to avoid uneven lines.

For your face

Can I ever get the perfect shade of foundation?

Yes, you can! Picking out the right shade of foundation was a task I would dread. Every shade I picked up would make me look more like I was part of the touring circus. And my pale skin didn’t help. One trick- Make sure you sample foundation shades in natural light to get a color that matches your skin tone. But first, don’t forget to moisturize with an oil-free cream. You can’t go wrong after that!

How do I cover a zit?

I have to tell you what my sister always told me- concealer, concealer and concealer!!! And not just any concealer you can get your hands on. Choose one that best fits your skin tone and dab it on rather than rubbing it in to hide a pimple. For the concealer to last long, gently pat some transparent loose powder over it and watch the zit disappear!

How can my make-up look fresh all day long?

Looking great all day is something we dream of. But this is one dream that can come true with just a little TLC for your skin. Make sure your skin is well ex-foliated and moisturized before you put on your make-up in the morning. Throughout the day keep it in place by lightly powdering your face every once in a while. Have a tinted lip balm handy to keep the color and softness of your lips. Stop touching your face or rubbing your eyes which can only get your make-up all smudgy before the day ends.

Get your beauty basics right and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go! Got any other make-up Qs for me? Shoot ‘em right away!