With November now behind us, it can mean only one thing: Christmas is coming. Yes, we know it seems to be getting earlier and earlier every year, which gives you more and more time to plan your Christmas goods and merchandise for both your clients and the office, right? Well, even if you haven’t started planning your festive promotional marketing (available at Stay Sourced) strategy already, it might not be too late – and if it is, you can always make a start on next year!

Merry Merchandise Marketing!

Nutcracker set

Ahh, Christmas of old. Forget iPods, DVD players and smartphones. Who remembers when Santa left not much more than a colouring book, a tangerine and a couple of nuts in the bottom of your stocking/pillow case?  But why nuts, we hear you cry? Well, nuts generally come into season around Autumn and keep pretty well, unlike their fruit counterparts. Additionally, being packed full of protein and calories, they were a good way to keep bodies warm in the cold winter months before central heating. Why not keep up the tradition in your household and be well prepared with our nutcracker set.

Santa hat

The office Christmas party wouldn’t be complete without a rendition of Slade’s eponymous yuletide classic ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’, a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe and a multitude of Santa hats that have been floating around the office since December 1st. But just what is the origin of the classic Christmas Santa hat? Well, in late medieval northern Europe, hoods, caps and cowls were standard and they more often than not had long pointy ends that hung down, much the same as Santa’s. To ensure your staff arefully geared up, you know where to look.

Christmas cards

As we all know, a traditional Christmas card is a simple card sent to friends and family to convey a seasonal message related to the yuletide season. But, what many people don’t know is where the custom originates. It was actually started as early as 1843, here in the UK, by a civil servant named Sir Henry Cole who was one of the early supporters of the ‘Public Post Office’.  So, make sure you give yourself plenty of time this year and check out our range of seasonal cards.

Advent calendar

The earliest known record of the Advent calendar seems to have come from our German cousins. In particularly the German Lutherans who, in the 19th century, would count down the first 24 days of December. They used to do this by drawing a chalk line on their doors from December 1st.  As calendars have naturally evolved, it has become common place to place chocolate treats behind each ‘door’, much to the delight of many an excited child. Take a look at our luxury versions.

You won’t be hearing any Bah Humbugs around these parts, that’s for sure. We’re massive fans of Christmas around here. That’s because promotional marketing is so much more effective at this time of year, so branding exercises involving your company image can be made easy too.