Tryptophan is a type of essential amino acid which is a component in of most proteins. It is also used in biosynthesis of proteins since it is an alpha amino acid. It cannot be synthesized in our body and must be obtained through diet, since it is very much essential for human body. Essential amino acids are defined as those that cannot be naturally produced in the body and must be obtained through food we consume.

Nootropic Effects

Nootropics are known as memory enhancers which are consumed through drugs or other supplements which improves memory or creativity. Without medical prescription usage of this drugs by healthy people are not supported because, usage of this without proper prescription affect adversely. Most commonly used drug is caffeine which is found in beverage called coffee. And many more drugs used to improve some cognition. While this drug beneficially helps people who are suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s.

Recently this nootropic drugs are gaining popularity among young people. Students of colleges use these stimulants to enhance memory during exams to relieve stress levels and also in improving conditions like teeth grinding during sleep. Amount of ingestion plays a major role which influences cognitive performance. Although, these drugs are not provided without doctor’s prescription, many using this as a platform and selling online.

Many countries stopped manufacturing these supplements which are not safe and do not prevent any disease. Because, supplements which contain drugs mainly used during treatment are not legal.

Basically, nootropics are classified in to seven categories. They are- Natural Nootropics, Racetams, Choline, vitamin B derivatives, Peptides, Ampakines and Smart drugs.

Natural Nootropics– Name itself indicates these are derived from plants. These are less effective compared to artificial nootropics. But these are very safe to use and cost efficient.

Racetams–  Racetams are the first invented nootropics and are widely used all over world. Provided with high amount of neurotransmitters, it helps in speeding up cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, learning, awareness and motivation altogether. Racetams alsoplay a pivotal role by speeding up the rate of regrowing brain cells and slows down the process at point of deterioration.

Choline– This usually stacks with racetams for better results. Due to this we get higher amount of neurotransmitters which helps brain leading to cognitive functioning. There are very less sources of choline which are used as nootropics. These come cheaper and causes headaches as side effects.

Vitamin B Derivatives– These are small number of artificial nootropics derived from Vitamin B. Many studies have found it improves memory functions. Hence, this has been used as supplement for people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s to enhance their memory and cognitive performance.

Peptides– Though there are many different peptide nootropics available, Noopept is the best performing peptide. This is very effective even when taken in small amounts and provides very significant results. Noopept provides protein necessary for the growth of neurons. All this factors make it strongest of all.

Ampakines– These are new in the field of brain research and are very strong nootropics. Supplementation of Ampakines has proven effects on increasing attention and alertness.

Smart Drugs– These are often confused as nootropics which are not. These smart drugs promote alertness and further enhance motivation levels. People with heart complications should check with doctor before usage.