If you are looking to transform your garden, decking area or patio into your idyllic alfresco escape – we can help.

Whatever your needs, there is a great solution. It all depends on what you want to use your outdoor area for and what budget you are on. If you like to entertain, plastic stacking chairs for parties may be just the job – or if you like to relax in the sun you could consider investing in a comfortable sun lounger.

Making Better Use of the Outdoors with the Perfect Furniture


Your lifestyle will play a big part when it comes to choosing the setting you’d like to create in your outdoors area.

Luckily, there is a breadth of types and styles of furniture for you to choose from, which means you are guaranteed to find what you need for the space you have.

Types of furniture

The following items of furniture are a just a selection of what is actually available. These may give you some inspiration to help you start putting your ideas together:

Loungers – These are fantastic for those of you who love nothing better than losing yourself to a good book in the sun.

Coffee tables – These are not just for use indoors, as they can make a great accompaniment to any seating area, whether you choose to sit on a chair, bench or chill out on a lounger.

Garden benches – If placed correctly in your garden, such as near a beautiful flower display or pond, these can provide you with the perfect quiet spot to relax.

Dining tables/chairs – You can choose from many different styles and materials. You could go for the classic wooden look, or go for something more chic like a small bistro set.


Once you have decided what furniture you would like to buy for your garden, you will then need to consider whether you would like it to be wooden, plastic, canvas or metal, for example.

If you are wanting a ‘classic’ look, you should opt for wooden furniture, or if you would prefer something more contemporary you could choose pieces made from metal such as iron or aluminium.

However, these types of material will require maintenance to keep them looking their best, whereas if you choose plastic – it will not only be much cheaper, but it will also be a lot easier to look after.


The quality of garden furniture varies massively, which is why you must do your research before making any purchases. You’ll need to know the furniture you are buying will do the job you intend it for and will last.

Also – check to see if your furniture comes with a guarantee. This will give you added peace of mind.

Care and maintenance

Once you’ve picked and bought your perfect furniture for your outdoor setting, you will have to look after it in order to keep it looking its best –  and so it will last. Some items may even need treating before you use them, for example – wooden furniture and cushions.

You will also need to make sure you have somewhere to store your furniture.