Make Masturbation Illegal for Men

Although they are conditioned from early childhood to behave like they’re better than women and other genders, what’s left of a boy’s innocence dissolves once he hits puberty. They lose their humanity and drift farther away from self awareness. They sexualize any female they see, whether she’s an adult or a peer, as long as they match the idea of society’s beauty standards of course. They don’t see those they perceive as woman as humans, but objects to fulfill sexual desire. They spend hours and hours a day locked in their room watching porn.

On the one hand, being a sex worker is an empowering and noble career but men enjoying porn is problematic. Having infinite pornographic videos at his fingertips, it creates the illusion that the women he sees are his slaves. That they exist to serve him.  He thinks of them as whores but ejaculates to them anyway, during this release his brain can’t differentiate imagination from reality. Make no mistake, he doesn’t log on to Pornhub to watch humans make love, but to watch a woman be exploited.  He’ll need to watch kinker and kinker content as the years go on until heterosexual sex with a real woman are no longer stimulating. I’m not saying we make porn illegal altogether but men should not be allowed to log on to the sites. Men shouldn’t be able to direct, produce, or star in pornography either. The entire industry should be run by women, for women. We don’t need actual men, there are plenty of strap-ons and women with penises.

Without porn to look at, more men will just masturbate to fantasies they create in their mind of women they know in real life. This is even worse than just jacking it to porn. Sex workers are aware that their image will be sexualized and accept that but when a man masturbates to a woman he know in real life without her consent, that is telepathic rape. It’s sick. It even affects the victim although she may be unaware but it lowers her energy.

Drugs could be given to men to lower their sexual drive so they would no long need to masturbate, similar to how a male dog gets fixed so he’s not aggressive and humping everything. This will finally solve our problem on toxic masculinity and create a more peaceful world. This would make men more docile and less animalistic. I guarantee that this would lower the rate of sexual assault and rape victims. It would also lower violent attacks because men’s need to compete for dominance with one another comes from all the testosterone. The uncomfortable truth is that all the world’s problems rape, terrorism, war, violence come back to men. This could be a step in the right direction if we as a society are ready to evolve.

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