When you talk about Gujarati food items, the two dishes that come straight to your mind are Khaman and Dhokla. These two are the most common Gujarati dishes generally eaten as a snack.

Let’s Figure Out The Difference Between Khaman and Dhokla

If you don’t know khaman banana kividhi, then just turn up to any of your Gujarati friends because no matter where they put-up, they will consume this snack. Khaman is a light, spongy item which is mostly consumed as a breakfast.

In Khaman too there are various tasty variants, let’s look at some of those:

  • Nylon Khaman
  • AmiriKhaman
  • Masala Khaman
  • Vati Dal Khaman

There are various forms of Khaman too:

SevKhamni: This is a mashed up version of Khaman. The recipe though is the same, but in this form, the Khaman is mashed, and sev are added as a topping, and thus it is called SevKhamani. Many another kind of stuff like coriander and pomegranates are also used for garnishing.

KhamanDhokla: This is something, which is an in-between form of Khaman and Dhokla. If you want to know about khaman dhokla recipe in Hindi, you can easily avail the recipe from various sources. It is a light, healthy, and tasty snack. This is one elegant dish that can be served in front of guests.

Low Steamed Khaman: This form is little uncooked and is served hot, unlike the normal khaman. This dish is not like the cubical structure of Khaman and is served mostly with chilies and tangy chutney.

If you have had enough of Khaman, then let’s move on to Dhokla:

Dhokla looks similar to that of Khaman, though they are made of different ingredients. Only a true Gujarati can explain the exact difference between the both. Khaman and Dhokla resemble in shape and size to a large extent, but Khaman is yellow in colour and softer than Dhokla while Dhokla is mostly harder and is pale yellow or white in colour.

Dhokla is arguably one of the most popular Gujarati food items and is prepared in almost every household in Gujarat. Dhokla besides breakfast can be served as an appetizer or evening snack. They taste best when garnished with mustard seeds, coriander leaves and split green chillies. Like KhamanDhokla too can be prepared in various variants:

  • RasiaDhokla.
  • KhattaDhokla.
  • Toor Dal Dhokla.
  • RawaDhokla.
  • Green Peas Dhokla.
  • Mixed Dal Dhokla.
  • Cheese Dhokla.

Dhokla can be served hot, cold or at room temperature. It is made mostly of chickpeas and rice. Many people pair up this food item with tomato sauce, curd, coriander paste, or garlic paste. However, none of these items are traditionally served with Dhokla.

Hope you are cleared with the difference between Khaman and Dhokla, and if not, then these items are worth trying as they can be quickly and easily prepared at home and can be a great breakfast item. Though these snacks hail from Gujarat, they are no longer just a Gujarati food item, as they are now served all across the country.