Tech innovator and famed entrepreneur, Mr. Jignesh Shah, the founder of 63 moons technologies (formerly, FTIL) has successfully created a wave of change in the Indian financial markets. He has played a prominent role in shaping the modern Indian financial markets through his domain expertise, ambition, and far-sighted vision of putting the Indian markets on the world map. He has always believed in long term growth of industry and human capital both.

Mr. Jignesh Shah’s group has been working in line with our Hon. Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’, to become a technology innovation partner across industry verticals. 63 moons has been making a constant effort to give India a global exposure through its world-class innovations.

In a very short span of time, 63 moons through its inventive planning and innovative product range, emerged as a leading financial market infrastructure group in India. All the exchanges and ecosystem ventures developed by the 63 moons group are India-centric with all operations conducted by Indians in India with the benefits flowing to India. Ecosystem ventures of the 63 moons group have been revenue generating and employment intensive.

Some of its tech products like ODIN have created social benefits and have successfully contributed towards the nation generating employment opportunities, increased scope for self-employment opportunities, financial access to local communities, increased participation of local talent and expertise, growth of local entrepreneurship and most importantly benefits flowing into local community.

The growth story of Mr. Jignesh Shah’s 63 moons is about empowering people which it has achieved to a large extent. Employees are the real asset and helped 63 moons to transform its vision into reality.