If you have children in your home, it is very important to keep your house healthy for them. Kids do not have strong immune system like adults. They are very sensitive to low concentrations of toxic materials, germs etc as they are in the development stage of their organs and immune system. According to some research it is proved that indoor environment is more prone to germs and other impurities than the outdoor environment.

Keeping Your Home Clean and Healthy With Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

To keep your kids and other family members healthy, you should take some steps to keep the indoor environment of your house healthy. Here are some steps that you must take to improve the living conditions (health wise) inside your house. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-

  • Clean air –

The air inside the house carries a lot of impurities anyways, try not to add into it. Make sure you do not smoke or let anyone else smoke inside the house. Cigarette smoke can be the cause of many minor and major health problems. It can be responsible for anything from ear infections to cancer for any of your family members.

  • Protection from lead –

Houses which are older than 25 years probably have lead paint in its walls. Make sure to get your house checked from an expert to check the lead content in your house. Ingesting lead through wall paints in your house can lead to lead poisoning. You should also get expert advice whenever you plan for any repairs or improvements which would require uncovering the lead paint layers from the walls.

  • Old pipes –

Pipe lines or sewer systems are very important for any house. Even if you had the construction done from scratch, there are chances that the pipes used underground are old. Old pipes can leach out lead in to the water. Make sure you get your pipes checked and your water tested for lead content.

Every house needs maintenance. Maintenance or cleaning any appliance or any part of the house requires specific cleaning products. Cleaning products for houses are made keeping best result in mind. The cleaning product company may not care about the side effects of these chemical products to you and your family members, but it is important to be on the safer side by using environmentally friendly cleaning products in your house.

Green cleaning products available in the market or online does not have any harmful chemicals or content that can be harmful for you in any ways. The cleaning efficiency of these natural products is similar to those of chemical products.

If you are willing to switch to green cleaning products make sure to buy the ones which are:-

  1. Fragrance free
  2. Non toxic
  3. Biodegradable
  4. Concentrated
  5. Bio based
  6. Non VOCs
  7. Formulated from cold water
  8. Recyclable and reduced packaging

For any more information about the green cleaning products available please log on to www.heamotivation.com. Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products and keep your family and the earth healthy.