A successful graduate who is well versed with the English language and planning to achieve something big in the future can give a consideration to career as an ESOL teacher. In view of the increase in the demand for ESL/ESOL teachers, a myriad of benefits can be garnered simply by acquiring a tesol certification online. This has also served as reason for a number of men and women who want to utilize their English language skill to flourish in their career. See how obtaining a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate can help you hold a good job.

Second Language Teacher

This is the common and the obvious option to choose after getting an accredited TESOL certificate. Maximum numbers of such jobs are available these days across the globe than ever before. All thanks to the growing number of professionals showing their willingness to learn or improve English language skills, especially in the countries where the immigrant population is high.

After becoming certified with TESOL, a candidate can hold a good-paying job in an internationally recognized institute. Some of the best countries to apply for jobs as a second language teacher are South Korea, Vietnam, UAE, Japan, Russia, China, Brazil and Kuwait.

Academic Counselor

TESOL Certification online can give you an opportunity to secure a reputed and high paying job of an academic counselor in an internationally accredited institution. And no doubt, a certificate in TESOL and a few years of experience in the relevant field can provide much needed advice to students worldwide in planning their college curriculum. Besides, they can help students with a lot of things that are not directly associated with the college or school.

Some students with limited skills in English language may need assistance in finding a good place to reside at and opening up a bank account.

Program Director

In the very beginning of TESOL career, a candidate may be required to start in as an ESL or EFL teacher. However, with the growth in the career, one may earn a master’s degree in TESOL and can consider opting for an administrative position like that of a program director. The main responsibility of a program director is to look after the TESOL program of a particular organization or zone.  The job duties of a program director may include supervising teachers and other staff members and looking after the administrative responsibilities.

Editor or Writer of Teaching Material

Individuals who have earned a certificate in TESOL can move into writing teaching materials after a few years of experience as a teacher. This is because, an ESL or EFL teachers become conversant with the teaching skills and obviously the course material. Teaching skills and knowledge of course material when combined with high quality writing skills open the door to excellent and thriving career ahead as a writer.

Private Tutor

After gaining a few years of experience teaching speakers of other languages and developing the skills required for the job, one can decide to work as a private tutor for students and adults willing to learn English. Such jobs are easily available worldwide and are undoubtedly very lucrative.