It’s time to talk about Whitesplaining

It’s that time, folks. By now you’ve probably all heard the term “mansplaining” because it has become mainstream. I must admit it brings me great pleasure every time I see an educated woman hit an ignorant man with the mansplaining word. If he doesn’t know what it means he’s about to find out. If you’ve been living under a rock mansplaining is that condescending thing men do when they’re trying to “school” women about something. Women are starting to fight back and call them on their crap.

Whitesplaining is something else entirely, however. As a cis gendered white woman I apologize on behalf of white people everywhere. White privilege is a thing and to add insult to injury uneducated white people try to use “whitesplaining” to shoo away those pesky instances of privilege or outright racism.

We need to spread awareness of the term “whitesplaining” if a white person is trying to educate a person of color, especially in a condescending manner, this word needs to be whipped out too. There’s always a convenient “fact” lying in wait to throw at the poc community especially when it comes to issues involving race. Anytime there is a discussion about race white people are ready with their comebacks. It’s time to throw them off their game and hit them with some education about privilege and whitesplaining.

Whitesplaining doesn’t just rear its ugly head in conversations about race, however. Anytime politics are involved whitesplaining tends to come from one particular party, you know the one. The one with all the white men. They love to whitesplain away everything and dodge responsibility at every turn. It’s time to call them on their crap and whip out this new word that needs to hit the mainstream like a tidal wave alongside mansplaining.

Again as a cis gendered white woman I apologize for whitesplaining but I encourage you to whip out this word whenever necessary to call attention to this very important issue. We need to shut down mansplaining as well as whitesplaining. It’s time that oppressors were forced to answer to their actions and words.

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