Car accidents can happen for any number of reasons. But, when bad roads are to blame, some motorists assume there’s nothing to be done and that they must pay for the repair costs. However, roadway conditions are an important part of highway safety, and unsafe conditions should be corrected on a routine basis. If you’re involved in an accident and a bad road is to blame, learn more about your options and who may be responsible.

Call the Authorities

To ensure you have a properly documented case about what caused your car accident, call the authorities as soon as the accident happens. Provide an accurate and detailed account of what happened to cause the accident and everything you remember from the wreck. If anyone witnessed the accident, be sure that they also tell the authorities what happened from their viewpoint. By providing a detailed summary of what happened, all of the details will be on an official record in case you need to take future legal action against those responsible for not properly maintaining the road.

Take Photos

If possible, take photos of the damages to your car as well as the roadway around your car. Taking pictures of the damaged road that caused the accident as well as the damages to the vehicle will be helpful for your insurance claim as well as for determining responsibility for the accident. Review the photos before leaving the scene of the accident to ensure that you captured all necessary details related to the damaged roadway, lack of signage or other contributing factors.

Consider Construction

According to Florida Accident Caused by Bad Road: Do you Need an Injury Lawyer, construction firms are required to warn motorists of upcoming passage issues. If your car accident happened in a construction zone, take note of the signage (or lack thereof) and, if possible, take photos of the signage. If the construction zone was not properly maintained and if warnings weren’t properly posted, the construction firm may be at fault.

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Track Your Expenses

What is the total cost of your car accident that was caused by a bad road so far? Knowing the actual costs of your accident is important for knowing how much those at fault must pay. When considering the costs of your accident, be sure to assess the car repair costs as well as any other costs associated with the accident. Those other costs could include medical bills, lost wages and more.

Call a Lawyer

Navigating the waters after a car accident due to a bad road can be complicated. If you’re not sure how to begin, it may be time to contact a qualified lawyer. An attorney who is experienced in these types of cases can guide you through each step and will fight on your behalf. Learn more about how a lawyer can help your case and make an appointment to get the process started.

Don’t let your accident due to poor road conditions go without blame. Learn more about what you should do after an accident caused by a bad road and, if necessary, find a lawyer to help you through the situation.