It’s okay to abort male fetuses.

Women are constantly being oppressed in every aspect of life, shouldn’t they have a right to determine which fetus they will bring into the world without question? Without judgement? Why is it acceptable to abort a fetus with down syndrome, but not a male fetus? After all, those who utilize IVF to procreate already use methods of gender selection to weed out the unwanted gender. Why can’t a woman decide she does not want to give birth to a male?

What can be more oppressive than carrying an unwanted male fetus? Having endured patriarchy our entire lives and for generations why should we have to birth the source of all of our suffering? If you do not want to bring another unwanted male into this world you should not have to. You can choose to give birth to a future feminist leader instead.

There are many positive advantages to eliminating unwanted male fetuses. You will not be contributing to the oppression of women by bringing another privileged male into the world. You will be slowing down the advancement of rape culture. You will be empowered knowing that you are in control of your own body and don’t have to bring another male into this world if you don’t want to.

If you want to give birth to a female then no one should question your decision. It’s your body, your choice. Abortion on demand, without question.


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